Fri 9/19: Hitching on I-10, burlesque in Tucson! :D

The guy in the motel room next to me was motorcycle touring. We checked out at the same time, and I saw him packing up his bike and I said, hey I’m riding my bike across country too! Except I don’t have a motor. Lol! He was from Australia and spent the summer touring the USA, including going to Sturgis. We chatted for a while. He’s a cool cat. I’ve never met an Aussie I didn’t like. šŸ™‚


So, the rest of the morning really sucked because originally I was going to take the greyhound bus to Tucson, which left Deming around 1pm. I had a ticketing issue so I wasn’t able to to get a ticket and the next bus to Deming didn’t leave until almost 8pm. POOP!!!!

After a mad scramble in trying to figure out logistics I just decided to hitch. Which was my original plan anyways, except I was just trying to get out of here ASAP.

There weren’t many vehicles on the freeway on ramp. Damn. So I walked right onto the freeway and was literally hitching off the Interstate 10 fwy. It was pretty frickin scary. Vehicles were whizzing by at 70+ MPH. This was not looking positive for me. Plus, most of the vehicles passing by were huge semi trucks. Things were looking grim. I thought to myself, I’m going to be here all day….

Then, as luck would have it, a gigantic flatbed semi pulls over. What?!? The driver gets out and is ratcheting down his cargo. I thought, aw damnit he just pulled over to tighten his chains…

Then he’s waves me over. Holy crap no way!! šŸ˜€ Turns out he’s doing a delivery to California. An he said he would be ok with dropping me off in Tucson. COOL!!! :D. Mochi got to ride strapped to the back of a semi, and I got to ride in the cabin of a semi, for the first time.


Wow those trucks are frickin cool! I had no idea they had what was practically a studio apartment behind the seats. This particular truck had 2 bunks to sleep in, a mini fridge, and some outlets. That’s awesome. I always wondered where the drivers slept, when I see trucks pulled over on the sides of roads.

The driver was pretty cool. Jorge from Costa Rica, living in Kansas for 20 years. Lol, talk about a change of scenery! We had fun coversation, which made the drive to Tucson quite pleasant. It was about a 4 hour drive. Partway between we stopped by a winery. Jorge likes wine and collects bottles from different places he drives to.

I stayed at the Roadrunner Hostel near downtown Tucson. That place is super awesome! I’ve been in many hostels and this one is definitely one of the best ones I’ve been to.

I found out some of my burlesque friends were performing at a show tonight here in Tucson. STOKED! It was at an awesome venue called the Surly Wench. It was such a great show, plus it was a fundraiser for an awesome local anti-abuse organization. They even had some male performers. Yay for backlit Manlesque! šŸ˜€


Downtown Tucson is AWESOME! Funny, because I’ve driven through town, only on the 10 fwy, and it’s rather non-descript. Then I wander to downtown and discover it’s AMAZING art scene and awesome venues that play fantastic music! WOW!!! This town is sooooooooo cool! I don’t think I’d want to live here (too hot and no ocean…), but I frickin love this town! šŸ˜€

PS. Yay for 24 hour coffee shops that are bike friendly! šŸ˜€



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