Day 65 into 66: Weds 9/17 Thurs 9/18, Flash Flood warnings

So, I’m in my tent on the side of the road, it’s pouring rain and the wind is cranking. It’s been coming down all night. Needless to say i didn’t sleep much.

Just throwing this out there, when there’s a flash flood warning, don’t go riding your bike through it. This definitely ranks as one of my less intelligent decisions. But on the flip side, i honestly don’t think I could have just sat in Silver City and waited. Not with less than 130 miles to go.

I’m gonna make a run for the border and hope for the best. I’m about 66 miles away. I’m going to finish in Columbus, NM, which is an official alternative terminus of the route, instead of the traditional Antelope Wells. There are several reasons for this, but one of them being, if shit hits the fan here, it’ll be a lot easier for me to get out of Columbus than Antelope Wells.

There are enough border patrol guys rolling around in trucks here, that I assume if they intend on evacuating the area, and see me on a bike, someone will tell me.

Damn, this is pretty gnarly. Glad I picked a pretty good area to pitch my tent, as I didn’t wake up in a puddle of water. Ok time to think positive. 1)I’m not getting hailed or snowed on, 2)I’m dry (for now, anyways), 3)despite the wind and rain, it’s still pretty warm.

Here goes nothing.


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