Day 62: Sun 9/14, Mud…Tired! 64 miles

Well, indeed I woke up at 3am with my tent half collapsed on me. Lol! The stake on the uphill side pulled out because I was smashed against the downhill side of my tent. Lol! Poop! I put the stake back in and then put a heavy rock on top (like I should have in the first place).

Oh man it was a chilly morning! It was one of those mornings where I woke up surrounded by fog. Needless to say I did not get an early start today. Lol! The fog burned off when the sun came. I was in a canyon so it took a while for the sun to hit me. But when it did it was nice and warm. Yay! It was a beautiful morning, I was stoked!


The stoke was somewhat short lived though, because the road I was riding soon turned into thick mud. Maybe it was raining a lot in this area yesterday. Who knows. But it got to the point where my tires were so caked in mud they wouldn’t spin anymore. UGH!!! So my solution was to walk through the grass/shrubs.


This pretty much continued on all morning. At times the road looked more compact so I’d try to ride, and I would go for a little bit, then my tires would stop spinning again. It was a veeeeeery slow going morning. I didn’t even get 10 miles in by noon. 😦

Finally I turned onto a better road that I was actually able to pedal. Yay!! When I was certain I wasn’t going to be in mid anymore I took a stick and tried to clean my drivetrain and bike and shoes as best I could. There was mud caked *everywhere*. It took forever just to scrape mud from my shoes and pedals enough so that I could clip in.

The riding the rest of the day was quite lovely. I started in forest, went into grassland, back up into the forest, then into a massive rolling expanse of grassland,


And then back up into forest again.


I’ve been in and out of the Gila National Forest. It’s quite beautiful actually. The last portion of the day I was up on a ridge, and on both sides of me were multiple valleys covered in trees, as far as my eyes could see. So cool!!

Oh man, I was soooo tired towards the end of the day. I didn’t even think I would make 60 miles. I dunno what it is. Not like I did big miles today. Perhaps slogging through mud this morning took a lot more out of me than I thought.

Maybe I didn’t eat enough. I kind of ran out of food partway through the day. Well, I’m not completely out. I have a handful of trail mix and about 3 candybars, which should get me through tomorrow. I think there’s a little general store in about 30ish miles. I forgot to resupply at Pie Town so I’ve been rationing what I have.

Oh! I have a new favorite candy bar! It’s the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout cookie bar, the coconut caramel one. It’s soooo good! Very similar to a Coffee Crisp actually (which is also made by nestle), except without the coffee flavor.


Other candy bars which are my staple include: Twix, Milky Way dark chocolate, snickers rocky road (I don’t like regular snickers, never have), as well as almond snickers and the French vanilla Milky Way. These are the candy bars I eat before I do big climbs, or when I’m in a pissy mood. Lol!


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