Day 61: Sat 9/13, headwinds and rain :( 63 mile

I decided not to stay in Pie Town for the pie festival. It sounded pretty busy and I don’t think I could handle being around so many people. Lol. But, on the bright side I did get to eat lots of pie! Nita made a bunch, and my favorite is the pear ginger. 🙂

The weather so far was looking good, so I had high hopes. I passed by “The Stool Bus” as I left. It’s a septic tank pump. Haha. 🙂


All early afternoon the weather was lovely. I rode through forest, and into a basin


And back up into forest again


Then I popped out and got a glimpse of the Plains of St.Augustine.


I was dreading traversing this section, because I had a headwind since I left Pie Town. In the forest it isn’t too bad as the trees help tone it down, but in the wide open fields, I’m pretty screwed. Haha. Reluctantly, I made my descent.


To make matters worse, the weather was looking quite yucky up ahead. There were some dark grey clouds directly in front of me, and I knew it was raining over there.


Sure enough, I dropped into the plains and the wind was just cranking. Then, I got rained on. Bleh. Pedaling into a strong headwind in the rain is totally not fun. Lol! Bleh. I was in a pretty sour mood the whole time. Haha! Ah well, I knew the perfect weather wouldn’t last forever. On the bright side, I saw 3 wild horses running across the plains. That was so cool.


It rained on me the rest of the day. Right at the end, it finally let up! Yay!! I was very grateful for that. 🙂 I am now back up in the forests filled with ponderosa pine trees. The sunset looked amazing, I couldn’t see much of it because I’m currently in a canyon right now, but I did catch a glimpse of the sky changing color. It was so cool, one if those times where the sky looked like it was on fire. I didn’t get a clear pic because of all the water on my camera.


My camping options were pretty bleak. Anywhere that was kinda flat had 3′ of grass on it. I finally found a little spot under a tree that wasn’t covered in foliage. Yay! It wasn’t flat but oh well, I was going to have to make do because I was running out of daylight.

My tent is kind of sideways on a slight slope, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up at least once in the middle of the night, mashed up against the side. Hopefully I don’t take out the support sticks. It is no fun to wake up to a collapsed tent. Lol! I also hope it doesn’t rain during the night, the ground here is super soft so my stakes aren’t in very tight. If it starts raining and the ground gets softer, my stakes might pull out. Which would not be cool. I could alway out a heavy rock on top for insurance. However, I’m wet and cold and muddy so I just want to get in my tent and thaw out. I’m just gonna take a gamble and say it won’t rain. 🙂 judging by the way the sky looks and the weather right now, I am optimistic.

Here’s to hoping for good weather throughout the night and all through tomorrow! And the rest of my ride for that matter. Lol! Crazy to think that at this point, I have less than 300 miles left!! 🙂


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