Day 59: Thurs 9/11, halfway to Pie Town! 48 miles

I was not happy camper this morning. Lol! I woke up around 9 and was just cranky all morning from being tired. It’s one of those days where I could probably sleep until 2pm and be totally happy. Times like this I’m so glad I’m traveling solo. When I’m not in a pleasant mood I prefer to keep to myself.

Last night I was thinking of staying another night in Grants so I could get some rest. But as I was doing errands this morning I decided I really don’t want to stay in this town another night. Id rather just get to Pie Town and chill there. Plus the weather is fantastic right now and I get super antsy if the weather is nice and I’m not riding. Besides, Saturday is the annual Pie Town Pie festival, so I will be in town for that. Oh boy! 😀

The ride out of Grants was absolutely magnificent. I rode through Zuni Canyon on I think what use to be an old railroad grade. The railroad was built in the early 1900s through that canyon to transport lumber, I believe. Nowadays there is no sign of railroad anywhere, just a gravel road with a wonderful and mellow grade. Yay! 🙂


The riding was super chill and the scenery was absolutely fantastic! At some point I rode back up into forests again.


My route took me onto a “scenic byway”. There were signs all over saying how it is impassable when wet. Another reason I am grateful for good weather. I’m in a volcanic area right now, and there are lava fields here and there. Reminds me of parts of the PCT going through Oregon, where I passed through many similar looking lava fields.


Geology is so cool. I sure wish I had a bit more knowledge in the field. My sister is something of a geologist. Where I would think “wow those rocks are pretty”, my sister could probably identify the specific type of rock, it’s mineral makeup, and it’s age. Lol! It’s too bad my phone doesn’t have a lot of memory. There are many cool apps out there that help you identify plants, birds, trees, rocks, mountain peaks, all kinds of things. But alas, I must save the small amount of memory I have (I’m using an 8gb iPhone 4) for photos. 🙂

Hopefully I sleep well tonight. Perhaps I won’t wake up cranky tomorrow. Lol! Although it’s honestly really really hard to wake up in a bad mood out here. It’s so pretty. Well, unless it’s raining and/or cold. But that’s just because I’m a wuss when it comes to weather. Haha! 🙂



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