Day 58: Weds 9/10, Beautiful desert riding, 96 miles

Last night I had an Oreo brownie for dinner.


Word to the wise: if you ever eat one of these, don’t look at the ingredients label… O.o Or the nutritional information panel. Haha! Oh the random things you find at small-town gas station stores. 🙂 Anyhow, I figured I’d continue my trend and eat a sleeve of Oreos for breakfast. Haha.

I got going at 7am today. I had high ambitions of riding 90+ miles to get to Grants NM by tonight!

The desert is absolutely beautiful. Oh man, honestly the whole day of riding was just gorgeous!


And yes, there was more sand. Haha. Oh man it was kind of annoying. Some parts I just couldn’t even pedal through, the wheels just sunk! Arrrrg!!It’s ok though, because the weather was beautiful and I was so grateful it wasn’t raining. Plus I just love desert scenery. 🙂


At one point I passed some interesting looking boulders. Interesting because they were kind of round and very yellow. It was quite different than the predominately redish colored rocks that are all over.


A rancher drove by me in a truck early today. He was saying how he always saw the cyclists and hikers come through and he thinks we’re all crazy. Lol! Nice guy. New Mexico is an interesting state. From what I’ve seen, all the areas of civilization look pretty gnarly upon first glance. However, the people are all very nice and courteous once you talk to them. That being said, this is the only state I’ve been through on the whole divide ride where I’m constantly paranoid about my bike getting stolen, when I’m in town.

Towards the end of the day, I had a climb, and I was briefly in forests again. Oh man I was so tired! I was so glad the grade wasn’t too steep, I might not have made it into Grants. The whole time I was climbing I kept wondering whether I would get to Grants or not. It was slow going. I kept singing songs in my head and trying not to look at my odometer, and basically did everything I could to try and motivate myself to keep pedaling. Lol!


After what seemed like FOREVER, I finally crested the top whoo hoo! It was a wonderful 15 mile descent into Grants. I was so stoked because it was getting late. And I was soooo tired oh man! The people who race this route are NUTS. They do 100+ mile days consistently. No thanks! Haha.

So I was able to contact Kyle (my PCT partner in crime), who told me about a Chinese food all you can eat buffet in town. SWEET!! By the way, Kyle is about 100 miles from finishing the CDT! He’s currently in East Glacier,MT, waiting out a snowstorm. YIKES. The CDT hikers are so hardcore. Here’s a picture Kyle sent me. And yes, those are grizzly bear paw prints. Just for size reference, Kyle wears a size 13 shoe. Damn those paw prints are HUGE!!!


The Chinese food buffet was good. Canton Cafe, I think it’s called. I’m usually wary of “Asian” food places in random towns, but when I walked in, it was a whole Chinese family running the joint, speaking Cantonese, with the kid son running around the place. Hence, I knew it was legit. Lol. And damn it was pretty good food. I’m Cantonese and it’s just like the food my mom makes. Yummy! 😀

Found a cool motel room on the historic Route 66 that runs through town. All the big corporate chain motels were on the other end of town. This was a cool independent joint called Southwest Motel. The owner was really nice and went out of his way to help me out, especially once he found out I rode in on my bike. $40 flat, for a nice room. Yay! I can finally shower. Haha! 😀



2 thoughts on “Day 58: Weds 9/10, Beautiful desert riding, 96 miles

  1. 96 Miles!?! You are the Ninja. Those pictures of the desert are beautiful too. (But Dang, they make me miss the Southwest. Gotta plan a trip back there soon.)
    We did get some high mountain snow here in northern Montana, but it’s supposed to be sunny bluebird weather for a while, so Kyle should be able to soldier on. Yay Kyle!

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