Day 57: Tues 9/9 Forests -> Desert! Mexican Food!! 71 miles

I woke up very early this morning. And by “very early” I mean 6am. But that’s the benefit of sleeping early :). However it didn’t amount to much because shortly after it got windy and then it started raining on and off. Boo!

I guess you could say I’m a fair weather biker. I don’t like riding in the rain. Lol! Then again I don’t know a whole lot of people who are like, “yay it’s raining let’s go ride bikes!”. But still, when it’s wet and chilly outside I am highly unmotivated. Even with whiskey. Haha. So it took me forever to get moving this morning. When I finally emerged from my tent it was a pretty cool view actually. Foggy/misty.


I was camped at over 10,000′. Crazy huh? I know when most people think of New Mexico you don’t think of forests and mountains. But the forests here are absolutely stunning. And high up!


From 10k’ elevation I dropped to under 7,000′. The descent was pretty spectacular. The forest opened up to this massive basin of red rocks and sagebrush and desert-type shrubs, as I descended into the town of Cuba, NM. I have a feeling this is the last time I’ll be seeing trees like that. Bye bye trees and hello desert! 🙂

There’s not a whole lot to the town of Cuba. The town itself is quite historic and has been around for a long time, but in present days it doesn’t look like it’s doing so well. Kinda reminds me of Rawlins but way smaller. Went to the post office to pick up a package, which wasn’t there. It was sent last week. Shoulda been here by now. Tracking says it’s in South Dakota. What the hell, USPS?! Sending my package on the extended route or something? Geez. Lol. I think someone in the mail room screwed up and put it in the wrong shipping pile. Well, that kinda sucks for me. 😦

Oh a positive note, oh man, I had some fantastic Mexican food at this place called El Bruno’s. YUMMY!! Carnitas and beans and a cheese enchilada smothered in green chile, buried somewhere in there.


The evening’s ride was lovely. Rolling through the desert.


And, I saw another rainbow! Awesome! There’s actually two in there, a fainter one is on the right.


The sunset was quite pretty. That’s one benefit of desert versus forest, you can really see the entire sky from where you are. In the forests you have to be on a high spot or somewhere out of the trees.

You know I really love the desert scenery. Pretty stoked for these last hundreds of miles. One of the reasons I enjoy the desert is because of it’s stark rawness and bare geology. The rocks and formations and earth tell such a fascinating story.


The mountains and forests do too, but it’s covered with trees and foliage. The desert is a lot more naked and exposed. I think that’s neat. Plus, I think life tends to be much more difficult in the desert due to harsh survival conditions, so i tend to look at the flora and fauna around me quite differently, in the context of what it takes for something to survive and thrive out here. Reminds me of my favorite Edward Abbey quote:

Anything that lives where it would seem that nothing could live, enduring extremes of heat and cold, sunlight and storm, parching aridity and sudden cloudbursts, among burnt rocks and shifting sands, any such creature, beast, bird, or flower, testifies to the grandeur and heroism inherent in all forms of life. Including the human. Even in us.

-Edward Abbey



One thought on “Day 57: Tues 9/9 Forests -> Desert! Mexican Food!! 71 miles

  1. you share the feeling of where you are so well. and how you’re feeling too. I enjoy reading your blogs. and seeing your tent pitched in the middle of nowhere. how cool you are enjoying it so much. Alohaaaa and all the best from Waikiki.

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