Day 56: Mon 9/8, massive uphill, heavy water! 41 miles

Whew! Today was another slow going day! Lol! I also started late getting out of Albiquiu, although this time it wasn’t entirely my own doing 🙂 as I was packing my stuff up in front of the general store and getting ready to leave, suddenly *everyone* wanted to talk to me. Lol! It’s cool though, I met some really nice people including a lady who is an ultra runner as well as a professor of art (print making) at a university in NYC, and she lives here half the time. We had a lovely conversation about the artists surviving and growing in ridiculously expensive areas (NYC and Hawaii).

So I had to reconfigure my setup today, due to the ridiculous amount of water I was carrying. I had to put stuff in different places so everything was still relatively balanced. Oh man it’s so heavy!!! That was definitely a huge factor for my slow-going-ness today. Plus almost all the mileage I did was climbing. As I was sitting there rearranging my stuff, I saw a logging truck pull in. I found this quite odd, as there’s nothing in the area that had trees much less trees you can use for lumber. Lol! I wonder where he was going or coming from.


Bleh, the route was pretty sandy. I hate riding through sand. I hope the rest of New Mexico isn’t like this (I have a feeling it is) because that’s gonna be a huge bummer. I saw an interesting sign today that I’ve never seen before. “Hill Blocks View”? Hm. Seems like a funny thing to alert people about. Lol!


I started out on desert terrain and climbed up into forest. All in all it was an elevation gain of about 4,000′. It was quite pretty though!


The route wound it’s way up through canyons of juniper and pinons


And then up into forests of pine.


I passed by a lot of cattle on the road today. You know I wonder, at some point cows were wild animals. How the hell did it survive?! They’re pretty dumb creatures. I say this because when they’re in the middle of the road and I’m coming at them at full speed, they don’t move. At all. And I’m braking and they still don’t move until I’m about 5 feet away. Then they run, but not necessarily very quickly. But holy crap, if I was in a big truck and I don’t stop, it’d be a smashed cow! I just find it so strange because it seems intuitive to me, for any living creature, when something is coming straight at you, either run or stand ground and fight back. Cows do neither. They just stand there and stare at you blankly. Lol! I guess throughout the thousands of years of domestication, cows just got bred dumb. Geez I hope the same thing isn’t happening to humanity. Seems like as technological advances in everyday living increase, the need for intelligence and wisdom decrease. 😦

But yeah, this is the kind of stuff I wonder and think about all day as I’m riding. Lol!

So, all day I’ve also been throwing mental temper tantrums. Haha. I guess you could say I wasn’t in the best mood today. I was just mad at a lot of random things. The fact my bike was super heavy, having to go uphill all day, the super rocky terrain which made me paranoid about breaking something on my bike; down to mundane things, like I was super irritated about the scent of my baby wipes. Haha. Ok so the back story on that is, I absolutely hate scented baby wipes. For practical reasons (you always want unscented everything so you don’t attract bears, yes I am still in bear country…), and also because I just hate whatever the hell the scent the wipes with. What would you call they scent anyways, “baby”? Anyways, whatever it was, it is just disgusting and i find it irritating. More so today than an average day. Lol. Oh, the reason I got those wipes was because they didn’t sell unscented baby wipes in small size packages, only the scented ones.

Anyhow, throughout all this humbug I am fully aware I am being absolutely ridiculous. Haha. So at some point I just stop and eat candy in hopes to improve my mood. And it did. 🙂 This was all the candy that I got from the parade in El Rito yesterday. Yay free candy! Lol!

It was indeed a beautiful day though. I was so grateful the weather was nice and the wind was light! Towards the evening it got pretty chilly though. The air totally changed. I have a feeling it’s gonna rain. Ugh. Here’s to hoping for good weather tomorrow!


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