Day 55: Sun 9/7, NM villages, hello desert! 50 miles

So I decided to just ride a half day today. I stopped around 2:30pm. Lol! Meh, my stomach was getting all weird again, plus I just felt tired. Poo! All morning I was feeling great then I got into Albiquiu and started feeling crappy again. I wonder if I ate something weird at the fair…

I woke up this morning and it was so eerie. Super cool actually, it was foggy and absolutely silent and still. And best of all, not super cold yay! πŸ˜€

I made a massive descent today. I went from over 10,000′ to about 6,000′. Crazy!! I can’t even remember last time i was at this elevation. I think even the Great Basin in Wyoming was higher than this. Lol! The crazy part is, tomorrow I get to pedal back up to 10,000’+, before dropping again. Lol! Such is the nature of this ride. Lots of climbing and descents. It was cool diving down in elevation, with desert scenescape all around me, whilst massive mountains loom in the distance.


I passed by a few tiny villages/communities today. The first one was CaΓ±on Plaza, in the movie Ride the Divide, I think this is where the lady has that little snack shack. It was early when I passed by so snack shack wasn’t open because I don’t think people were awake yet. Lol!


The next community I passed was Vallecitos which has been around for hundreds of years. Nowadays it looks pretty dilapidated 😦 I didn’t take any pics cuz I just wanted to get out of there…

The third community of El Rito was the most vibrant and active. It also has the most services including a library, ranger station, tiny community college, a little convenience store, as well as many many artists. They have a whole gallery tour there every year. I happened to arrive right in the middle of a fiesta! Cool!


I had some chili cheese French fries and a burrito there. I wonder if that is what’s making my stomach all yucky. :/

There was also a parade that went by right as I was leaving. So I stopped to watch. It was super cute! I had lots of candy thrown at me from passing floats and whatnot Haha. Score!


Also, when I got into El Rito, I saw 2 other divide riders! Awesome!! They are riding a section, northern NM to southern CO I think. I haven’t seen any other Divide riders since Steamboat! They told me there’s a guy on a fatbike just ahead of me. Cool! Maybe I’ll catch him.

Or maybe not, since I’m resting in Albiquiu today. This is an awesome tiny town full of artists and not much else. Lol! It is most famously known as the home of late painter Georgia O’Keeffe. And trust me they totally capitalize on it. Ha! They do tours of her home, and all over the Ghost Ranch which is an area nearby here where she painted a lot.

Too bad I didn’t have more time, there’s also a Benedictine Monastery up the road and they brew and distribute beer πŸ˜€ in fact the general store here sells their brews on tap at the deli as well as in bottles! Too bad the deli doesn’t serve beer on Sundays. Poop! So the interesting thing is, you can actually stay at the monastery. I really did think about it. Lol. And definitely would have stayed there if it wasn’t 14 miles out of the way!

I’m currently at the Old Albiquiu B&B. It’s a really cool place and I’ve been told they’re super cyclist friendly! πŸ™‚ The weird thing is, no one is here. This place is totally desolate. So I’m gonna just camp out on the porch and see if anyone shows up in the morning.

Oh, if anyone is wondering what Butterstuff is up to, he’s at home in Hawaii, riding bikes drinking beer and hanging out with Glenn.





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