Day 54: Sat 9/6, New Mexico!! Tough riding! 68 miles

No cows around me this morning! Lol! I didn’t sleep so well. I don’t know why. But hey, at least my stomach feels a lot better today yay! There’s still some traces of weirdness in there, but it is much better than yesterday.

Last night was my final night in Colorado, because today I crossed the state border into New Mexico! Yay!


Oh man it was cold this morning! I woke up pretty early actually, which is awesome since I’ve been sleeping earlier too, since it gets dark by around 8. I really dig waking up earlier, problem is it is COLD!! Oh man, plus i started the morning with a descent so my hands were just frozen. Although honestly I have enough layers so that my body is warm, problem is my hands and my face get super cold on the downhills.

I passed a really neat sign today that talked about a narrow-gauge rail train that runs through the area. Nowadays it’s a tourist sightseeing train that runs 64 miles from Chamas, NM to Antonito, CO. Anyhow, on the sign it decoded what the different toots of the whistle meant. Cool!


In the late morning I had a particularly crappy section of road to get through. It was a steep uphill, with loose ankle-twisting rocks that I had to push up because there was no way i would have been able to ride up it. Arg that section really sucked and was super slow going! Good thing it wasn’t too long.


At the top I rode along an awesome ridge that looked down into a wilderness basin. It was really cool. Yay more ridge riding!


I dropped in through a forest and popped out into another basin area. The variety of terrain I rode through today was quite diverse!


Man, I am so glad I had good weather today! A lot of what I rode today would not have been doable if it was wet because it would have been muddy and impassable, which means I would have had to detour on the highway. That really would have sucked, since I dislike highway riding, and I would have missed all the awesome scenery!

Toward the end of the day I saw an awesome rainbow! Yay! Rainbows always make me happy. πŸ™‚ Even though I see rainbows almost daily in Hawaii, I will never tire of them πŸ™‚


Throughout the course of today I saw lots of RV/camper/trailer encampments here and there. I honestly wonder how the heck people get those huge things up these gnarly roads! Since I entered New Mexico the roads have been really rough and many parts are rutted out. It’s tough for me on a bike, i can’t imagine how people tow campers to some of these spots. They must have to go soooooooo slow. Especially the ones with horse trailers.

I was going to try and push for 70 miles today, but then I came across a flat area with an amazing sunset behind it. It looked like the sky was on fire!


I’m really glad I stopped, because shortly after I had my tent and all my stuff situated, it started raining. Accompanied by thunder and lightning. Whew! Good timing. At least it’s not consistent rain though. I really hope it dries out by morning, it would suck if it was muddy. :/

The moon is super bright tonight! Wow!! :D. I got this picture before it started raining. Here’s to positive thoughts for a dry morning! πŸ™‚



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