Day 52: Thurs 9/4, Slow going, massive climb! 36 miles

If I had to describe today in one word, it would be “slow”. Lol! I got up pretty early actually, but despite that I still didn’t get too far. Meh, it’s all good. 🙂

It was a really beautiful morning. I was riding up and around some really awesome looking rock features. I wonder how many of those that I’ve passed, people climb. They all look like really awesome potential crags! 🙂


The ride going into Del Norte was not so fun. It was suuuuuper washed out and very soft sand. I ended up walking many parts of it because it was just too sketchy. Bleh, it’s kinda ridiculous to have to walk my bike *down*, but I really didn’t want to slide out and crash or do something stupid. There’s a tiny small plane airport on the outskirts of town. I was rather amused at the signage; they must have had a lot of divide riders accidentally ride through the runway in the past, to warrant the signs. Lol!


The town of Del Norte is rather non-descript. But, there’s a really cool place called the Organic Peddler. It’s a cafe, art gallery, grocery store, inn, and hostel geared towards divide riders. Lol. Kinda quintessential Colorado. 🙂 too bad I didn’t need to stay anywhere, I think it would have been supercool to stay here. The hostel part is brand new too! Oh, the business is for sale, if anyone is interested.


Coming up ahead of me is Indiana Pass, which is the largest pass on the Divide. It sits just under 12,000′. In order for me to get there it’s a 4,000′ climb at a not-so-fun grade. Yikes! My solution was to visit the brewery in Del Norte before I continued. Haha :D. It’s called Three Barrel Brewery and it’s so so. Definitely not one of the better ones I’ve been to.

So what makes the climb more fun is that it isn’t a linear grade up. Halfway into it is where it gets pretty tough. That was where I also needed to load up on water too, since there is no drinkable water for many many miles. Water is reeeeeally heavy. Oh man, that was a tough ascent. Definitely slow going. It is really pretty though. I was surrounded by very deep and lush valleys. Stoked it’s not too windy! I hope it stays like that.


The weather forcast is not looking so good for tomorrow. Ugh. I really hope it doesn’t start storming. Or if it does I hope it’s later in the day. Because it’s way better if I’m in a storm coming down off a pass rather than going up it. This was also a reason I did 90 miles yesterday, I was trying to get as close to this pass as possible, in hopes to complete it before weather gets weird.

There is an odd amount of trucks on the road, as well as campers out and about. And by odd amount, I mean maybe one or two passes me each hour. Which is nuts because I’m on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, leading to not much. Lol! Elk hunting season started last week for archery, I think they are all groups of hunters. At least the encampments I see, which look like hunter base camps.

I stopped at around 11,000′. The weather has held up, yay! I’m so stoked, because otherwise id be coooold! It’s ironic, this is the tallest mountain pass on the whole route I’m doing, yet it also has the most amount of flat spots. Lol! Man I have so many options! Well, not really because right around 7:30 I have to pick the first flat spot I see otherwise it gets dark.


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