Day 47: Sat 8/30, Singletrack awesomeness, and Salida Wine festival! :D

Oh man, my stoke meter is redlining! Lol! I’m going to ride some singletrack that is located right across the river, then I’m going to the Salida Wine Festival in the afternoon. YIPEE! 😀

I got a late start, as I was doing random town chores, including repairing my shoe. The heel strap on my left shoe is starting to tear so I sewed it back together with dental floss. I had to do the exact same thing to the right shoe when I was in Whitefish Montana. I wonder if Keen has some kind of warranty for that. Even though I’ve had these shoes forever. But the sole is fine, just the material is kind of falling apart. Lol.

There is a fantastic network of trails located biking distance from town. In fact, the last trail I rode today I could almost see the bottom of it, from the house I’m staying in. It’s that close. 🙂 the first trail I rode is called North Backbone, and rated it as the third best mountain bike trail in Salida. Whoop whoop! 😀 Monarch Crest Trail is #1 and I’m doing that tomorrow. 🙂 yay! Man the trail was so much fun. Some parts were kinda nuts though! I walked the gnarly sections. Damn, even the non-advanced trails here are intense! No wonder people are good riders here. You can’t really stay in kook level too long, riding trails around these parts. Lol! Here’s a cool panorama of Salida from the trail:

The Salida Wine Festival was cool! I really, really like wine. So when I found out yesterday that this event was happening, I was super stoked!! 🙂 There were about 11 different wineries from Colorado that were sampling their wines. Some were pretty good and others were quite weird. But all in all it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Plus, there was a vendor there selling artesian bread and it was delicious! I was basically wandering around the area with a huge load of bread, and sampling wine. Happy fun times 🙂

I wandered around town a bit after, still with that loaf of bread. Every single dog that I passed was instantly attracted to me and my gourmet bread. I was a puppy magnet! Haha!

I found one of the other bike shops here: Subculture Cyclery. I was immediately greeted by a rotund puppy sniffing at my bread bag. Haha. Yay for bike shops that have dogs! I guess the way multiple bike shops survive in a small town is selling different bikes. Absolute was the Specialized/Trek/Yeti/Kona dealer, and Subculture is the Salsa/Raleigh dealer.

I eventually wandered my way into the local Distillery. How convenient. 🙂 they made Gin and Whiskey there. I was told by someone their cocktails were amazing so I decided to try one out. Funny, I was craving a Bloody Mary the last few days. They made one with gin, which just so happens to be how I like it (more than vodka).


Today was a pretty mellow and chill day. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s ride! Yay!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 47: Sat 8/30, Singletrack awesomeness, and Salida Wine festival! :D

  1. Keala,
    Sent you a video from Iolani Palace for Queen Lili’pauokalani’s
    Birthday Festival with many booths of Hawaiian crafts, speakers
    And singing held on Sunday. Today, September 2nd, is the 176th

    Give Queen Lili’pauokalani a toast with one of those many, cold beers! It’s great you
    Had the dental floss available for ” shoe-surgery” ! I was wondering how
    You kept dry through rain,hail, and thunderstorms. It’s not like Hawaii’s
    Advantageous climate that provides ” quick-dry” solutions.

    Did you know Spain now produces more wine than Italy and France
    Combined? Still they have to contend with a 25%. Unemployment,
    Almost as bad as Greece.


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