Day 44: Weds 8/27, Big Passes and Rain, 62 miles

Oh man, the weather was not so fun today. On the bright side, the rain wasn’t consistent. It was just wet and cold all day. One of those days where rain gear was constantly going on and off and on and off. Lol! I am grateful it is not snowing. Or hailing. Or raining super hard. 🙂

I had an opportunity today to take a detour to Winter Park. It’s a huge mountain bike area with amazing trails. I ultimately decided against it, for several reasons. One I didn’t have proper shoes to do any serious trail riding, plus I didn’t want to chance busting my bike. And, I just took a week off in Steamboat, I don’t think I can afford any more side trips for a while. Lol! And, I’m hoping by the time I get to Salida the weather is better. I would like to run the river there if possible. I’m definitely jonesing for some water action. 🙂 here’s a picture of the signed junction. I stood here for a good 15 minutes debating what to do. Lol


The whole ride up to Ute Pass (9,500′) it was raining and windy. Canyons tend to be like that. There was also a huge mine near the top. I think they’re mining for natural gas. Its kind of a pain when it rains when pedaling uphill, because you’re sweating under the rainshell, but you don’t want to remove it or you’ll get soaked by the rain. So either way, you’re still wet. Lol! I suppose the solution would be to get a breathable rainshell, but that usually runs over $300. Not quite doable for me. 🙂 Big props to Patagonia. I’m using their Super Cell rain shell which is pretty bombproof. It keeps me dry and I love it. 🙂

When I crested the pass, the view was absolutely spectacular! Then came the descent. Oh man it was so cold dropping down from 9,500′! I was a little icicle by the time I got to the bottom. Lol! Good thing there was a mild uphill pedal after my descent, that helped warm me up. 🙂 Heres the view from the top of the pass


I got into Silverthorne in the early afternoon. I was somewhat in a bleh mood due to weather, and found an Indian/Nepalese restaurant with a lunch special so I decided to stop in. Yay for yummy spicy food! That’ll help warm me up 🙂

I was aiming to reach Breckenridge by the evening. However, there was a brewery between there and where I was, plus it was called Backcountry Brewery. Of course I had to stop 🙂 The bartender convinced me to do a taster of all their beers, and against better judgement, I did. The Maibock beer was excellent!


It was getting dark quick, as I was leaving the brewery. No, I didn’t end up making it all the way to Breck. Lol! It was really cold and I don’t have a light so night riding would not be ideal. Ah well, breakfast tomorrow in Breck! 🙂

I’m glad it wasn’t raining in the evening. I don’t like setting my tent up, or packing it, in the rain. It’s not so bad when I’m already in the tent. But setting up a tent in the rain is not fun, nor is packing a wet tent. Water also makes it heavier.

Hope the weather is better tomorrow! I heard this year is an unusually wet one for the Rocky Mountain region. On the bright side, water is good, and essential for life. And hopefully Colorado won’t be on fire like it was a few years ago.


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