Day 42: Mon 8/25, Back on track! :D 25 miles

Oooo man the thunder last night was so loud! It kind of made the whole living room vibrate, that’s how intense it was. Wow.

Ok so I didn’t actually get out of Steamboat until 5pm. Lol. But hey at least I still did 25 miles! It felt really good to be back on the route again. 🙂

I got a late start this morning. I didn’t make it to the post office til about noon. Haha. But I got my new tire and some Stan’s tubeless fluid. Thanks Glenn! I took the goods and rode to Orange Peel bike shop. It is the only bike shop in steamboat springs that operates year round, I believe. All the other bike shops turn into ski shops come fall. The guys at Orange Peel are super awesome. If I’m doing bike repairs or maintenance in town, I like to do it right by a bike shop if possible, that way if I screw up really bad, i can just hand it over to the professionals. Lol. But my fix wasn’t too hard, I just had to install a new rear tire and put fluid in and seal the bead. And put more fluid in the front tire. The people in the repair shop ended up helping me anyways, since they weren’t busy. Thanks guys!

I also visited a little outdoor gear shop called BAP! It’s a little red house that is the current home of Honey Stinger and Big Agnes. I felt I needed to go pay them a visit, since I’m using a big Agnes sleeping bag and I absolutely love it 🙂 Too bad i didn’t need anything, they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. As part of the IMBA summit, I had a 40% off coupon for any big Agnes product. Oh man, I almost walked out of there with a new sleeping pad. Lol! I don’t *need* a new sleeping pad. But I’ve been on the fence for a while about getting an inflatable one. Solely for packability purposes. I’m currently using a Thermarest Ridgerest which, while very functional (and cheap), it’s quite bulky. Old school style. 🙂 the main reason I didn’t buy a new one there was because I wouldn’t have saved any weight. The one I have right now is a little under a pound, and the lightest inflatable pad was 14 oz. Ah well, it wasn’t meant to be 🙂


The ride out of Steamboat was quite mellow and lovely. I am so grateful the weather was decent. It was pouring rain for a bit in the afternoon, while I was replacing my tire, glad it stayed clear the rest of the day. I passed a reservoir and it was quite a lovely view.



The days are getting shorter. I still rode til about 8:30 but it was getting really dark as I was setting up my tent. I guess I need to bump my cutoff time to 8pm now, instead of 8:30. Which means I need to wake up earlier so I can still get my miles in. Hmmm… I’m not good with early wake-ups. Lol!

The area I am in right now is a small neighborhood of ranches high up in the mountains. It was getting really dark quickly and I had been looking for a flat spot to camp for a while, but didn’t find any. So I rode by this cabin that had a “for sale” sign on it, and no car in the vicinity of the cabin, so I pulled in and pitched my tent behind the cabin. I’m not advocating trespassing or anything, I just don’t really have any options right now. Not even my typical side-of-the-road camping, because I’m on the side of a mountain so nothing is flat; and any areas that are flat-ish have a crapload of foliage. :/

It’s thundering right now. I can see flashes of lightning from inside my tent, every now and then. I think the storm is moving away though; it’s not raining anymore. I hope I have dry weather tomorrow! Riding in the rain at elevation (I’m at around 8,000′ again) really sucks cuz it’s cold!


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