Day 40/41: Sat 8/23-Sun 8/24, Rainy Trail ride, and end of Summit! :(


A 25 mile group trail ride was scheduled for today, but it rained alllll night long so unfortunately the ride was moved elsewhere. Bummer because I have a super awesome bike! It’s the Pivot Mach 5.7, and I really wanted to take it on a long ride.


They shuttled us to another trailhead instead which had a couple shorter out-and-back trail rides. I still wanted to do a long ride so I ended up connecting a few trails with some road riding in between (to get to another trailhead), and it ended up being really really fun, because the last trail i rode ended spitting me right back into town so I just rode back to the hotel and conference area to return the bike. All in all I did about 20+ miles. It was fun!! I really like that Pivot bike. I wish it came with a 27.5 wheel size instead of a 26″.

Too bad no one wanted to do the longass ride with me (it rained the whole time, and most people opted to finish early), the last 6 miles of trail that dropped me back in town was absolutely magnificent!! It was all downhill and it was so fun!! Boy I was a muddy mess by the time I was done. Lol! This is a “before” pic. I wish I had taken an “after” pic. Lol!


I reluctantly returned the bike back to the Pivot people. It’s BBQ time! A late lunch/early dinner today was included as part of the conference. Man I ate a lot! I guess I was super hungry after that ride. Lol.

I went back to my Mansion after that. There were some evening activities as part of the conference, but I just wanted to hang in my room and do nothing. Lol! The Dirt Rag crew was chilling at home too. We all just sat around and hung out and had some wine. It was fantastic. Lol πŸ˜€


Alas, the IMBA World Summit 2014 has come to a close. What a fantastic and amazing week it has been! I’ve met so many awesome people, learned a lot, and best of all i got to ride a bunch of awesome bikes on some awesome trails!! :D. Man it was sooooo nice to ride single track. It’s a nice change from the gravel and dirt roads I’ve been riding on the Divide route. Finally, I had a chance to do some “real” Moutain biking! Lol! I am so fortunate to have been able to spend a week in this wonderful town and had a chance to get to know it so intimately.

HUGE mahalo to Mark Eller at IMBA! He is the one responsible for hooking me up for the whole World Summit event. It is a biennial event, so the next time it rolls around (2016) I hope some of you will go. Even if you are not affiliated with an IMBA chapter, it’s such a great, educational and fun experience for anyone who enjoys mountain biking.

So the funny thing is, u can’t leave town yet, because I have a package at the post office waiting for me. I’ve been so busy with the conference I haven’t had time to pick it up. And since the post office isn’t open on Sunday, I’m stuck here til tomorrow. Not that this is a bad place to be “stuck” in. Lol! Yay I can’t wait to get my box! It has a new tire for me. I’m so stoked, because since I popped it last Tuesday, after putting a tube in it I got another hole, and it’s been leaking slowly ever since. So instead of patching it I just pump up the tire each time before I ride. It holds enough air so I can get to where I need to go before it gets too flat.

But still, it’s kind of a pain. Haha. Yay, new tire tomorrow! Plus the new chain I put on last Monday, my bike is happy! Then i finally get to go back on route! Steamboat has been nice, but daaaaaamn I’ve been here way too long. I need to get back into the trees where I am alone and not surrounded by 400 people at a time. Lol! πŸ™‚

Oh, and if you’re curious, I sent Butterstuff back home along with all the swag from the Summit, and all he clothing and shoes I had mailed out to me. Bummer, I would have loved to take Butterstuff all through Colorado (he likes craft beers even more than I do), but he’s pretty darn heavy. Haha. Plus he’s not into extended camping. And I think he’d rather ride downhill with Glenn than up and over mountain passes with me… Lol.


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