Days 38: Weds 8/20, It’s World Summit time!! :D

Today is the official start of the IMBA World Summit 2014! I’m so excited!!! šŸ˜€ I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and I’ve never been to any type of event like this before so this is really awesome!!


I took a trail building workshop in the morning. That was really really informative. I know nothing about building trails, and have no experience in the field, so I really got a lot out if it. There was a 3 hour talk first, they discussed trail planning (where to put trails so they are sustainable, maximum degrees of incline/decline in relation to the slope, etc), marking, excavation, and maintenance. The afternoon was a hands-on session on a trail on the resort grounds. I didn’t get to do the field-work portion, because that’s when I was helping out at the registration desk. Whew! It was busy!

In the late afternoon I moved into the location where I would stay for the duration of the summit. It was this awesome 4 story mansion up on the ski hill!! I’m staying in a house with the DirtRag Magazine people. Thank you IMBA for hooking me up! This is so frickin amazing!! šŸ˜€


It’s nuts because it’s somewhat unassuming from the outside, but once you got in the place was incredible!!! There’s 4 bedrooms, plus an additional room where the bed comes out from the wall, so you could technically have 5 bedrooms. There’s a hot tub as well as a loft with a shuffleboard table. Wow!! The kitchen was so insane, it was way more technologically advanced than any kitchen I’ve ever been in. It was like one of those kitchens you see on the food network. Lol! I had my own bedroom which was really nice. I was in the “kids room”, it had 2 bunk beds. Every bedroom in the house has it’s own bathroom. Cool huh? Butterstuff and I could have each had our own bed, and still had empty bunks! Lol.

That evening, there was a chapter meet and greet that was held at the top of the mountain so we all got to take the gondola up. It was Butterstuff’s first time in a gondola! He was excited. šŸ˜€ the picture isn’t very good, but it’s looking back at Gondola Square, a huge retail area where the lift starts, that’s booming with activity during ski season. The big hotel to the right of the gondola is the Sheraton where the conference is happening.


As we got higher up, the sunset became more vibrant. It was a pretty awesome view from the gondola!


At the top of the lift was a huge lodge that overlooks everything. The whole mountain, and the entire town of steamboat springs, and Emerald Mountain. They were serving free beer and appetizers. Yay Fat Tire for sponsoring the beer!



It was pretty fun meeting people. However, throughout the duration of the whole conference I didn’t do as much schmoozing as I probably should have. It’s weird to have been more or less by myself for a month and then suddenly find myself amongst 400 bodies. I spent a lot of time being a wallflower and people watching. It was fun. Everyone is pretty awesome. I’m stoked, it’s gonna be a good week šŸ™‚


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