Day 39: Thurs 8/21, IMBA Summit! Breakout sessions, and riding!! :D

Oh boy they sure do feed you pretty well at the Summit! Breakfast was served along with a keynote morning speaker. There were eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt, cereal, and potatoes served buffet style along with juice, coffee, and tea. Yummy!

After breakfast was the Breakout Sessions. Various presentations on different topics relating to IMBA Chapters and mountain biking. The first session I went to was about fundraising. Butterstuff thought it was a very good session, except one of the panelists spoke waaaaaaaay too long, and I wish the other panelists had more time to speak because what they had to say was way more pertinent than what this one guy was blabbing about. Lol. But overall it was really good.


The 2nd session I went to was about resources available for your chapter that IMBA provides, and about internet stuff relating to managing chapter info through theIMBA site. That part isn’t something I’m directly involved in so it kinda went over my head, but nevertheless it was cool to listen.


After the entire morning of listening to people speak, I decided to take a break. It’s recess time! Lol! Which means, I’m going riding, whoo hoo!!! Along with all the awesome food, and beverage that is included as part of the Summit registration, you also get to demo bikes that multiple companies brought in, plus you get a lift ticket for the gondola Thursday and Friday. YIPEE!! 😀


Also outside was a vendor area where big companies and organizations had a tent. Amongst the people there were Honey Stinger, Big Agnes (both based out of Steamboat Springs), Clif, Kicking Horse coffee, a professional trail building company, portable ramps, a frozen electrolyte Popsicle company, and many others.


The bike demo area was amazing; there were bikes by Moots (made locally here in Steamboat Springs), Pivot, Trek, Specialized, SRAM (they brought many bikes featuring their state of the art technology), Yeti, Niner, and an ebike company.


My quiver for today was the Yeti 575, Pivot Mach 6, and Trek Slash. I didn’t care for the 575 too much, it felt awkward and stiff. The Mach 6 was my favorite today, it felt the best and I really liked the 27.5 wheel size. The trek was nice too. Loved that reverb dropper seat post!




Evening activities included a jump jam at the local dirt jump and skills park, which was located at the other end of town. By the time I rode my bike there it was already over. Bummer! But alas, all is not lost! Two of Steamboat’s 3 breweries are located on this side of town. Well, since I’m already here, might as well visit, right? 🙂

I went to Butcherknife Brewery first. They are also one of the sponsors for the IMBA Summit. Funny because the Divide route goes right by it, but I didn’t know it was here when I passed by it the first time. Butterstuff and I ordered a flight of 4 tasters. It was yummy! 🙂


I also really liked their taps. It’s a Butcherknife. 🙂


Next we (that’s Butterstuff and I) rolled down the road to the other brewery, Storm Peak. We had 2 tasters there. I really liked the stout.


After the mini brewery tour, it was time to get back to the hotel! They were serving desserts and beverages, and doing another presentation as well as giving awards for ride centers, and various outstanding trails. I met Anna, who is Hawaii’s regional IMBA director (we fall under the Pacific NW region). She gets brownie points, cuz she like Butterstuff. Haha. Also, the gal on top is Leslie, one of the IMBA Staff who came to Oahu a whole ago, along with Anna and another gal Kathryn.


I headed back to the Mansion around 10. Man I’m tired! It was a lot of activity today. Stoked for tomorrow!! More sessions and more riding yay!!! 😀


6 thoughts on “Day 39: Thurs 8/21, IMBA Summit! Breakout sessions, and riding!! :D

  1. The companionship of Butterstuff is so enviable! S/he seems to like everything you like. Looked to me like Butterstuff was sleeping while those panelists were speaking!!
    Im not looking forward to you completing your ride anytime soon. I really look forward to your posts.
    Aloha, Mary

  2. Dear Keala,
    Sunday the 24th I asked Kawaiaho Church. Senior minister Curt Kapuna. If he’d
    Heard about you. He hadn’t so I briefly spoke about your accomplishmrent. It was exiting
    The Church so I just had time. Outside there was a light snack for the congregation.
    Refilling. My coffee I told a sweet 8 year old about you! She said she would check the
    Internet for you.

    Do you know about Patrick Ching. Who became a painter in Waimenalo after 20
    Years as a PRk Ranger? (Store name Naturally Hawaiian). I hope he likes the SCENARY
    With your eloquent, poignant remarks. Patrick now has a 2nd store in Maui. He also
    Participates in the annual Waimenalo Rodeo @ T@C Stables.

    I emailed a few of your photos to Dr. Susan B. Phillips in Portland, Oregon . Maybe you
    Know about their “pro-bike” attitude in Portland. Susie was a classmate at Stanford in
    The 1960’s. And became the first woman to graduate from the Stanford Business Schooll., 1972.

    Speaking of beer, I recall my Dad talking about a ” Yard of Ale ” he had in Boston
    While hr attended Harvard’s AMP program, advanced management for executives.
    It’s a glass tube on a swivel with a glass ball on the bottom. If you’re not careful
    The beer spills!

    Three Cheers to You! A. Few of the U. Of Hawaii Band members should
    Serenade you When you return to Hawaii. You’re a great representative of
    American spirit,, initiative and courage.

    Yours Truly,


    P.s. Susie’s daughter., Lori Ann,Got one of 2 “top student awards “for the State of Oregon
    In High school. Presented to her by President Obama 4 years ago.

  3. Keala,
    Wow! You’re the most emminently social person in the USA as far as I’m concerned.
    I twinged a bit when you described yourself as being a wallflower, like you do when
    Jumping from a C-130 jet. On a nighttime jump. Did that 26 times in 3 years At lovely
    Ft. Bragg, NC, includining one jump into Ne York, over the Hudson River and West Point
    Military Acadamy., 1978.!


    You would have liked Mr. Choi from Pusan, South Korea. In 1997 I worked at his
    Language Institue- he had 2 schools on the same street! I lost my job cuz I refused
    A pizza that was delivered to an afternoon class; he had ordered the pizza!

    I went to another Institute where I,d worked in 1973, Poo Moo School,a three hour
    Bus trip. Mr. Hong,the Director, telephoned. Mr.choi to complain. Lo and behold
    He said,”tell Nines to return!” Yay for South Koreans! Mr Hong’s daughter drove
    Me to the bus station for the ride back to Pusan.

    It’s starting to rain at Starbucks! Those new bikes with Butterstuff looked great. I am
    Glad there was an XS Size for you, Keaka.

    When South Korea had their financial crisis Mr. choi had to close both Institutes.
    No problem for him since it didn’t happen overnight and he’d worked previously
    As a black-belt Instructor, probably in Pusan.

    I hope you have safe travel the final month of biking , i.e. Those passing motor-homes
    Give you more clearance. Your writing is ” graduate-school” quality!

    Chumal Chalboneyso, (take it easy in Korean)

  4. I did not know there were 27.5 wheels now. 29ers yeah, but 27.5?…I’m out of the loop. How did they feel compared to your 29’s? Wow….you can drink more beer than I can! Still enjoying your blog!

    • Haha yeah it’s the all new rage 🙂 I dig it! It’s not as huge as a 29 (which I don’t like for regular trail riding), and it rolls more efficiently than a 26 due to larger diameter. Awesome compromise 🙂

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