Day 36 & 37: Mon/Tues 7/18-7/19, IMBA Pre-Summit!

Oh what an exciting day! I got my box of goodies at the post office!! šŸ˜€ I had Glenn send me a box of clothes and riding shoes for the Summit, since I don’t have any normal clothes with me. Lol. And best of all, Butterstuff came in the box too!

Butterstuff is my stuffed dog, who is a part of my Clan of stuffed animals. There’s about 20 of them and they all have names and personalities. Some have jobs. Butterstuff is the head of the Clan, and the HR director of the Society of Ostentatious Ninjas, of which I’m President of. Just so you know. šŸ™‚ Butterstuff wanted to hang out in Steamboat with me, so Glenn put him in with my box of stuff.


I also got a new chain for my bike. Yippee!! Mochi (that’s my bike’s name) is happy. I installed the new chain at the post office.


I spent the rest of the day just running errands, and buying and cooking food for the week. Towns can get super expensive. Hence I don’t usually stick around towns very often. But I figured I’m here for a week, I better not blow my budget, I still have a long way to go! There’s a funny shot glass I saw. It has a compass on the bottom. Yep, that’s pretty accurate. Lol!


My hosts, Daniel and his girlfriend Allison, are awesome and amazing people. Here’s a pic of Daniel on the left, and the guy on the right is another IMBA attendee he’s hosting, Alejandro who is the president of IMBA Argentina.


And best of all, here is Daniel and Allison’s puppy Petunia! She is so cute and sweet. šŸ™‚


Tuesday I didn’t wake up til noon. Lol! Gosh I was super tired. I haven’t been sleeping too well since I got here. Funny, I was sleeping much better when I was on trail. Maybe because I’m *not* riding 60-80 miles a day. Lol! I spent the early afternoon helping the IMBA people stuff swag bags. We stuffed over 400 bags! Damn, next time I get a swag bag I will not take it for granted, it’s a lot of work stuffing bags! Lol! Reminds me of when I ran the Honolulu Marathon. There were almost 30,000 runners. Someone had to stuff 30,000 swag bags. Holy crap! Here’s some pics of pre-conference swag bag stuffing!



I rode the trails on Emerald Mountain today. It was so much fun!! That area of trails is literally right next to the downtown area and it is just full of single track trails. Oh man it was so awesome to ride single track!! I was sooooo stoked! Until I popped my rear tire. Lol. I’ve had a small gash in my back tire since Butte, MT. I’m so grateful it popped now instead of when I’m on trail.

I’m running tubeless tires, so when I heard a “hiss” I thought, uh oh that’s not good…. I also had no more fluid in the tires cuz it all dried up. Lol. But, good thing I have spare tubes! It was kind of a pain in the ass to put in a tube because I had to remove the stem (which was kind of stuck) and all the gunk. Bummer, I popped the tire on a super fun section too. While I was fixing the flat, another rider totally cased it so hard and face-planted almost right next to me. This particular section of trail is taking ppl out!! Lol. I had a fantastic panorama of the town from the trail. It was so awesome.


Oh, and an even *more* super fun part of the day: I found my friend Waldo!! Waldo is a fellow thru-hiker from the PCT the year I hiked. He finished that trail a day before I did. This year, he decided to ride the Divide after reading my blog, and he started the trail about a week after I did. So stoked he finally caught up! Lol. I always like finding fellow hikertrash. That makes me happy.

Anyhow, it’s nap time for Butterstuff and I! Tomorrow the Summit starts, I’m so excited!!! šŸ˜€



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