Day 33: Friday 8/16, Out of Rawlins!, 35 miles

I got a late start today. I didn’t leave Rawlins til about 4pm today. Not because I wanted to stay here, but I was trying to figure logistics for Steamboat. Plus, that Mexican food place was so good I had to go back again. Lol! Man they have some bomb diggity green chili! 🙂

There was a Family Dollar store here (it’s like a discount Kmart store) which is where I did my resupply. I saw the most random thing there. It’s called a Bacon Bowl. You cook bacon around it and it’ll cook in a bowl shape. Haha! Pretty cool, if you like bacon.


The library here in Rawlins is quite nice, by the way. I spent a good amount of time there on the computer looking for contacts in Steamboat. Normally I would just stealth camp, but since I’m going to be there for a week, I figured I should look for something a little more legit. So I contacted a bunch of people on and If you’re not familiar with Warm Showers, it’s like CouchSurfing but specifically for cycle tourists. I found a couple potential hosts, so I hope it all works out when I show up in Steamboat. 🙂

I rode out of Rawlins at 4pm which worked out because there’s construction happening on the route south of here and the road is technically closed from 8a-5p. I decided to take my chances and ride it anyways. It worked out because by the time i got to the various areas, all the construction had already ceased for the day. I decided to take it easy because I just wasn’t in the mood to work very hard. Lol :). I was riding towards mountains again yay!! 🙂


I figured, I’m over halfway through the construction area, so I’ll just wake up early tomorrow and get as many miles in as I can before they start construction.

Scenery wise, my riding today was very similar to the Great Basin. Oh, speaking of which, the reason they call it the Great Basin, is because it is basically a gigantic bowl about 50×100 miles in size, on the Divide, where the water neither drains to the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Instead, it pools in various lakes/reservoirs within the basin, and then evaporates.

Right around 8:30pm I met a Game Warden and we talked story for a while. He told me about the various animals in the area (elk, deer, antelope, muledeer, moose) and asked me about my ride. It was a really cool conversation. I didn’t end up getting my tent up til around 9pm and it was super dark. But earlier in the day as I was riding, I saw an absolutely magnificent sunset. It was so pretty.


I’m so excited, tomorrow I’m going to be in Colorado!!!! I can’t wait!! It’s sooooo close! 🙂

Oh, many people always wonder what I eat (other than gummy bears). My main staple is peanut butter (crunchy, not creamy) and honey on tortillas. Tortillas are great because they pack very well. They’re already flat so it’s not like you can smash then anymore. Lol. I also eat trail mix, a blend of dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate. And, chocolate bars. My favorites currently are almond snickers (ironically even though I love peanut butter I don’t like peanuts in candy bars), dark Milky Way, and Twix. Alas, I cannot buy Coffee Crisps in the USA. This is sad. I do have a little alcohol stove, but I’ve honestly used it about 3 times the whole trip. I’m gonna send it home when I get to Steamboat, because it’s just taking up space.

Oh. And a little 200ml plastic flask if whiskey. In the backcountry, whiskey is not a libation, it’s a necessity. 😀


6 thoughts on “Day 33: Friday 8/16, Out of Rawlins!, 35 miles

  1. Thanks for all the great blogs Keala! I’ve especially enjoyed all the history and area information (like why the Great Basin is a “basin”)! Also interesting diet…from yours and other’s blogs I’ve read it seems Divide riders don’t take a lot of time to cook meals – packet meals or otherwise…as most mention “gas station burritos”, or “gas station diet”, etc., and of course the occasional bar and cafe meals – that sound REALLY good!

    • I can’t speak for other riders, but for me personally, I’m so tired at the end of the day I just don’t have time to “cook”. Plus in bear country I can’t do it near my tent, and I ride til 8:30 so it’s reeeeally cold by then sometimes. And, unlike backpacking, I don’t have everything in one compartment so it’s ultimately just a pain in the butt and a hassle. Haha, yeah the “gas station diet” is quite convenient, but sadly, poor in nutrition. 🙂

  2. Wow! You left Yellowstone on Aug. 9th and you’re almost in Colorado already. You’re Flying. Hope you have a great time (and get a well deserved rest) in Steamboat.

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