Day 32: Thurs 8/14, Happy Bday Glenn! Great Basin ->Rawlins, 80 miles

Yay it’s Glenn’s birthday today! Happy birthday Glenn!! 🙂 🙂

Today was an awesomely easy day of riding. Minimal elevation gain and nice weather, other than the strong headwinds this morning. So stoked we are blessed with great weather through the Great Basin!

Since Atlantic City (a tiny town 4 miles out of South Pass City) yesterday, I’ve been riding with another cyclist named Ken. He’s a really cool guy from Florida. I was supposed to get my map for this next section (South Pass City, south to Silverthorne Colorado) in Atlantic City, but when I got there my maps had not arrived yet. Bummer! I guess I’m riding faster than the US Postal service. Lol. 😛 here’s some pics of the teeny town of Atlantic City, from yesterday.




You know how the Universe sends me angels every now and then to help me on my way? Well, this time they sent me one in the form of another Divide Cyclist. Ken is riding only til Rawlins, and doesn’t need his map after that. So he agreed to ride with me to Rawlins and gave me his map after.

That is so awesome!!! Because, I would have been pretty screwed from here on out, since I didn’t have a map. Oh man, lucky me! How awesome and random is it, that the only divide rider I’ve seen this whole week, just happened to be ending his ride in the next town? Crazy huh? 🙂

There was a bit of pavement riding, at the end of today. Normally I’m not into it, however, today I was kind of grateful because it means I can ride faster, and ultimately get out of Wyoming and into Colorado faster. 🙂


The town of Rawlins is frickin WEIRD. It’s like Butte, but more dead. Not sure what happened to this town, but damn, looks like the economy crash really hit this place hard. There is a strip in town with about 20 motels, and literally about half of them are permanently closed and abandoned. It was so weird. Many of the buildings here are like that. It’s like a ghost town, except people still live here. I was seriously debating just rolling out of here and not even staying. Especially since the one bike shop that used to be here, has permanently closed, and I really need a new chain (I have around 1,700 miles on it). Rawlins is one of those places where it makes you really grateful you didn’t grow up and/or live in a place like this. :/. On the bright side, there’s a Mexican Food place here that’s really yummy, called Rose’s Lariat. Wow the green chili is fantastic. As are the rice and beans. Yum 🙂

Ah well, lodging was relatively cheap ($54), and I REALLY wanted to talk to Glenn on his birthday, and do laundry. The last time I did laundry was in Butte. Yeah. I’ll let you do the math and figure out how long ago that was….lol. Laundry is good. I *really* need to clean my clothes (and also myself…) I don’t want to show up to Steamboat Springs and the IMBA conference looking like a total dirtbag. Haha. 🙂


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