The Bike Shop Hawaii’s Anniversary Sale! And, Glenn’s Birthday!

Hey everyone! This is geared towards those who are on Oahu; I just thought I’d take a moment to mention 2 important things happening this week:

1)The Bike Shop Hawaii is having their Anniversary Sale this weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)!
2)Glenn’s birthday is this Thursday, August 14th!! πŸ™‚

If any of you Oahooligans ever thought about buying a bike, or perhaps some accessories, now is the time! The Bike Shop is having their yearly anniversary sale starting this Friday! You don’t want to miss it, there will definitely be some fantastic deals! There are 3 locations on Oahu:
1)Aiea, located next to Goodwill, near Best Buy
2)Honolulu, on King St between Piikoi and Pensacola, next to Simple Joy restaurant
3)Kailua, next to 7-11, across the street from the police/fire department.

Check out their website for more info:

Plus, a little birdie told me, people on their email list get special pre-sale dibs on stuff! So, get on their email list, if you’re not already, so you can get first pick at all the cool stuff πŸ™‚

And, this Thursday is Glenn’s birthday! Happy Birthday Glenn!! He is the person responsible for building me my super awesome bike, as well as holding down the fort on the home front, mailing me my maps, and generally assisting me in maintaining sanity through my insane life. Lol! Great guy and fantastic human being. πŸ™‚ You can find him in the Repair Department at the Honolulu location. Stop by Thursday and give him some IPA beer or perhaps a birthday high-5. :). He definitely deserves it! πŸ™‚

Ps. Congrats Oahu for not getting hurricane’d on! Perhaps a great way to celebrate would be to ride your bike! Has your bike been sitting in the garage for a while? Tsk tsk! Might wanna take it to The Bike Shop Hawaii for a tune up to make sure it’s in proper working order. Everyone go out and ride your bike and celebrate not being underwater! Yay no hurricane! πŸ™‚


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