Day 29: Mon 8/11, Descent, farms and brewery! 80 miles

This morning I passed by a funny sign. Kinky Creek or Mosquito Lake? Hmmm…


All morning I was riding through subalpine terrain. It’s interesting, the soil and rocks are so very different in this particular area than anywhere else I’ve been before. The ground is very moist here all over. Lots of Mosquitos too. Ugh. Lol!

For a good part of the morning I had a glorious downhill! That is my reward for climbing all day yesterday. Whoo hoo!


And then, I rode through farmland. Miles and miles and miles of it. Uuuugh. Booooooooring! Lol! However, on a positive note I am still going somewhat downhill. Plus, a good portion of it was on paved road, and as much as I dislike riding pavement, it also means I’ll move way faster. Yay! Plus, I’m ultimately very grateful for the good weather and lack of thunderstorms.


Kyle and the CDT hikers got to walk through the Wind River mountains. I’m sure it was a lot more scenic than farmland. I looked waaaay out to the west of me and saw the range. It was super pointy and jagged and pretty cool looking. The awesome thing is, tomorrow’s riding will being me a lot closer to the range. Yay mountains! ‘Cuz, I’m really not into this farmland riding. Haha. However, I have learned in life to always be grateful for the positive side of any situation. So as I was riding through the boring farmland, I thought about the positive aspects of my present situation:
-good warm weather with no rain or lightning!!
-occasional cloud coverage, which was a nice reprieve from the hot sun
-it’s not completely flat, which would have sucked
-it’s a very very gradual downhill, into a town with a brewery! Yippee!!

Speaking of which, that was my motivation to hammer out some miles. There’s a brewery in Pinedale!! I got into Pinedale at around 5pm and did some resupply. There’s an awesome discount/dollar store in town. Whoo hoo! Big bags of Sour Patch Kids for $1!! This will be a nice change from gummy bears 🙂

At the Wind River Brewery, they had a sampler of all 12 of their beers. That’s what I ordered. Clearly, I didn’t put much thought into this, because when the waitress brought the flight out, my eyeballs went wide, and I realized I just made a poor life decision. Lol!


Each sampler is 5oz, so in total that’s 60oz of beer. Almost a whole growler. Oh my god, I seriously dunno what I was thinking. I’m still at over 7,000′ elevation btw. And I was planning on riding out to get more miles in. Lol! Clearly I’m breaking my rule of “no more than one beer over 6k ft elevation if I still want to ride.” I sat there at the brewery and slowly enjoyed every sampler. They had a LOT of various types of pale ales that were good. The mango wheat was a little weird, but still tasty. Their Strom Bomb Stout and Out Of Order Porter, and TKO barley wine was great. Those were the heaviest ones, so I saved them for last. It’s nuts, I seriously don’t know how I drank it all. After the 3rd sampler I was already buzzing pretty good. Lol! It took me about 2 hours, but victory was finally mine! Lol!


I’m sure you’re all wondering, but yes I did indeed ride out of Pinedale! It actually wasn’t too bad. Lol. I still did 80 miles today, whoo hoo!! Lots of riding in the dark. The moonrise was INCREDIBLE! It looked like a blood red orb cresting the top of the mountains. SO COOL! Bummer I didn’t get a pic of it. I don’t think it would have come out too great anyways.

I threw my tent up in some grass somewhere. I’m pretty sure I’m on somebody’s ranch. I don’t know though, because everything is so dark, I can’t really see. Hopefully I don’t wake up with a pissed off rancher yelling at me. I guess I’ll find out in the morning 🙂


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