Day 28: Sun 8/10, Lots of climbing!, 46 miles

Oh man, today felt like a huge day of climbing, which partially explains my low mileage. Although honestly that was due to the fact I stopped at a little place called Lava Mountain Lodge, and it was the first chance I had to use wifi in a week. Lol! I finally got to Skype with Glenn yay! It’s been a while. That place is super awesome and very cyclist friendly. It sits in a location where the Divide riders pass by, as well as the Trans America cycle route.

This ties in to what is, in my opinion, the #1 rule of traveling: don’t be an asshole. And respect the locals. I realize the reason Lava Mountain Lodge is so friendly to cyclist, is a result of the thousands of cyclist that have been there before me, and have left a good impression. Hence, it’s important to pay it forward, and be a good ambassador of the cycling world, and just not be a dick when you travel. 🙂

So yeah, I was there for a good amount of hours. Lol! Sweet place though. And I definitely appreciated their wifi. They also had a yummy chicken artichoke pizza. 😀 The sign in their bathroom made me laugh. My performance artist friends I’m sure will appreciate it. Haha 🙂


This morning I did another Continental Divide crossing at Togwotee Pass. I think it’s the highest one I’ve done so far, at over 9,500′ elevation.


The pinnacle mountains are so incredible. I believe it is part of the Wind River mountain range here in Wyoming. The jagged spires just thrust straight up in the air, and it was such a dramatic break in the landscape.


My route led me closer to those peaks, and it was even more awesome when I got closer.


By the way, I’m glad all you folks in Hawaii did ok with the hurricane!! Or, at least it didn’t seem to affect Oahu too badly. Funny, but I got an update on the hurricane, from the Lodge employee, here in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. Lol! Oh, check out this awesome illustration my friend Michelle Poppler did!


I rode through a logging area today. Which is nothing new, as I’ve ridden through many many logging areas already. But this one still had all the logs stacked up, waiting to be picked up by the trucks. That was different. Which means, starting tomorrow there will be many logging trucks on the road… Good thing I’ll be long gone by then!


You know those times when, you’re cycling uphill and you see the top of the mountain, and you think, “ok, I am already at the summit, so I can’t possibly go uphill anymore, so why the heck am I still climbing?!?” That’s pretty much a summary of today for me. Haha! It’s all good though, it was still fun. Wyoming is just spectacular. When I *finally* got to the top, I was awarded a spectacular 360* panorama of the landscape around me. It was just absolutely magnificent. This pic is of the pinnacle mountains way in the distance, where I was earlier this morning.


I then dropped gradually downhill into a sub-alpine area, of rolling hills dotted with groves of trees. It was really amazing.


I rode til about 8:30 until I found a nice spot to throw my tent up, oh man it was cold. I’m at about 9,000′ elevation right now. Funny how flat areas are not always as easy to come by as you might think! Lol! Especially flat areas that are clear of shrubs, rocks, and prickly things. I did eventually find a little plateau for my tent; the setting sun provided me a beautiful light show as I settled in for the night. I was rewarded with an amazing view and it just absolutely dazzled me as it went through the full prism of the sunset rainbow.


The moon is so bright tonight it actually cast a shadow. So rad. Wow what a glorious day today was. 🙂 Its ok that I didn’t get too many miles in, I can make up for it tomorrow. Because tomorrow is predominantly downhill! Yippee! 😀


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