Day 27: Sat 8/9, Back on track! :) Grand Teton NP, 78 miles

Ok! I’m back in the game and back on trail! Lol! Yellowstone was an absolute amazing and incredible side trip, more than I would have thought. However, I am really stoked to be back on my route, specifically for one reason: no cars!!! In all seriousness, Yellowstone was by far the scariest part of my whole trip this far, because I had to ride on pavement, with a crapload of vehicles. UGH.

It’s funny, leaving Old Faithful area yesterday, I saw many road-touring cyclists. It is a portion of the Trans America cycle route (coast to coast), which is hugely popular. I stopped to talk to a few riders. It’s funny, the general consensus is, they seem to think the Divide riders are crazy, whereas I think they are the looney ones. Lol! They are riding roads and highways the whole time! Screw that! I will take bears over vehicular traffic anyday. Seriously. I don’t understand how the roadies do it, riding with cars, busses, trailers and bigass RVs whizzing by your head constantly is just absolutely terrifying. I am so freaking stoked to be out in the bush again, and away from all that. Lol!

I rode through Grand Teton NP today, it was part of my route. WOW those mountains are incredible! So beautiful. It was lovely to get a glimpse of them before heading east.



I stopped riding at 7:30 today, which is a whole hour earlier than my normal 8:30pm end time. I’ve learned that, once you’re above 8,000′ elevation it gets COLD a lot faster. Hence I’m stopping earlier so I don’t turn into an icicle. Plus, I’m about to go over a 9,000’+ pass (Togwotee Pass), and it’s cold up there. If I was to crest it tonight I’d be freezing coming down the other side.

It’s a bummer I have to ride highway, but at least it’s a huge shoulder. Here’s a pic of Togwotee Mountain. It’s pretty awesome. Where I am camped at right now is, in the photo, it’s the far side of the grassy plains, in a cluster of trees.


I’m hoping to hammer through Wyoming, because everyone is telling me how awesome Colorado is, and I have a feeling I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in Colorado. Lol! Plus I’m already planning to take almost a week off in Steamboat Springs, CO for the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) 2014 World Summit. I’m stoked! I’ll write more about that later. 🙂


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