Day 23: Tues 8/5, Yellowstone day 2! 37 miles

Boy today started off cold and wet. I woke up and found 2 other cyclists, one was Daniel. Ha! Funny I keep running into him, I saw him yesterday morning at West Yellowstone at the bike shop. We were both getting coffee. The 3rd rider is John from Edinbrugh, Scotland. I also briefly saw him yesterday, we passed each other as I was riding towards Old Faithful, and he was riding back. I talked with John for a while, he’s a fascinating individual.


It rained all morning (and on and off all day, actually). Lucky for me there were the hand dryers in the bathroom, I dried my tent with it before packing it up. Lol!

I didn’t leave the campground til a while later, I was chatting with the other cyclists and a motorcycle couple that rolled in. The rain stopped for a bit and that’s when we all rolled out. It was a really pretty ride today. I passed by Gibbons Falls, you can see it right from the road.


There was an area called Artists Paint Pot, a hydrothermal area with beautiful colors that resembled an artists palette. The various rings of colors around the pool are created by various microbes living there, that can withstand hot temperatures. It was really pretty. πŸ™‚



Along the way I stopped by the National Park Ranger museum. The building was originally living quarters for the army when they patrolled Yellowstone. When Yellowstone was first created in the late 1800s, it was the Army who was responsible for patrolling the park. In the early 1900s when the National Park Service was formed, that was when park rangers relieved the Army of their duty. Cool museum.


I saw bison!! They were just on the side of the road as I rolled by. Stoked I got some pics, because I didn’t stop to take them, I just kept riding and took the photo in hopes I’d get a good shot, all the while trying not to run into the car in front of me. Lol!



I rode by one if the the most beautiful and dramatic scenescapes I have ever seen on my bike. I popped out of a canyon and started a long and gorgeous downhill on a road on the side of the cliff, that opened up to this incredible valley.


I wish I could have stopped to take pics, because I couldn’t get a shot of the most awesome part. But oh my gosh it was so incredible, and somewhat scary at the same time, because I was trying to look at my surroundings yet concentrate on the road so I don’t fall off the edge. Lol! This small portion of road totally made my day. Oh man it was amazing. πŸ™‚ I finally got to a pullout to take a pic; it wasn’t as awesome as what I saw from the top, but you can kind of get an idea.


I rode to Mammoth Hot Springs area. It was really really pretty. Here’s a pic of one of the springs. I took a lot of photos because I was so taken by the colors. It had such an interesting natural gradient! So awesome.




Bummer the campground is down the hill from the road junction. This means I’m going to have to climb back up tomorrow morning. Haha, it’s all good, I’m just being lazy. πŸ˜› Tomorrow I explore the upper east side of the park yay!


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