Day 20: Sat 8/2, Canyons, Farmland, and the Calf-A! 63 miles

One of the very cool things about this route I’m on is that it is often rich in history. For example, a couple days ago I was riding where Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea first traversed upon this area. Today, I was riding what used to be a old railroad from Bannack (where they first discovered gold in Montana) to Utah.


I rode through more farmland today. Which although I find mostly boring, there were certain parts where the scent of sage was absolutely amazing! How fortunate I am, to go through the pine forests with it’s lovely aroma, to the rolling fields of sage, also with lovely aroma. Well, with lots of cow doodoo in between. Haha!


I went through an awesome canyon today! I was stoked!! I love canyons, I think they are so beautiful. I just really love rocks, and riding through a canyon was a much welcomed change of scenery from the farmland I’ve been traversing through lately.


The elevation profile for much of today was pretty flat. On one hand, it’s nice that it was pretty easy, on the other hand it also meant I am riding through a valley and farmland, which as I previously mentioned, meant questionable water and blah scenery. Lol! It’s ok though, because overall, it’s still super duper fun. πŸ™‚ and the best thing about it is that there were almost zero cars today. Yay! Just a couple ranch trucks.

The seat on my bike absolutely feels like crap. I dunno what it is, perhaps it’s the seat, or my chamois, or the way I’m sitting on it, or maybe my body still isn’t used to it. Who knows, but currently it’s the main limiting factor toward my progress. Ugh.

I took a 3 mile detour to go to the tiny town of Dell. And when I mean tiny, I truly mean tiny. They have a population of 35 people. No joke. There’s a tiny (limited) grocery store/Post office/gas station. I thought that was quite cute. πŸ˜€


The store was one reason I stopped, as it looked like it was the last place to buy food for a while. But the main reason I stopped was because of “Yesterday’s Calf-A”. On my maps, it was described as “perhaps the most unusual cafe in Montana”. Of course I HAD to see for myself. Indeed it truly lived up to its description. Lol! Here’s what it looked like from the outside. It was a one room schoolhouse with a saloon next to it (which was built after the schoolhouse became defunct, although the saloon is now closed), and outside there are tons of old wagons from the pioneer days, as well as plows, tractors, and farming equipment. The schoolhouse was in operation from 1906-1965, and after that someone bought it and transformed the interior into a restaurant, and it has been such ever since.


The interior definitely lived up to the oddity of its exterior as well. It had the most interesting decor, and all the original blackboards were still intact. I could have spent a good hour just roaming around and looking at all the things on the walls. Lol! This is one of my favorite things about traveling: finding the most random hole-in-the-wall gems that I would totally just miss if I were traveling by car πŸ™‚


Interestingly enough I had cell phone service here. Lol, crazy! I definitely didn’t expect that for a town with a population of 35 πŸ™‚ I got to talk to Glenn yay! It’s been a while! And crazy enough, I also got to talk to Kyle! Double yay! For those who followed my PCT blog in 2012 (, Kyle was my partner in crime for most of that hike. He’s currently on the CDT (continental divide trail) right now, along with a lot of my thru-hiker friends from the PCT. It’s a super gnarly hiking trail that parallels the route I’m doing, but follows the Divide much more closely, is at much higher elevation, and is way more rough and intense than what I’m doing. Kyle and a group of hikers is about to head into Yellowstone. They’ll be there the same time I will! Yippee!! It’ll be so awesome to see those guys again.

I ended up staying in Dell way longer than I intended, but that’s ok πŸ™‚ the waitress was so incredibly awesome. Long after I paid my bill, i was still sitting there charging my phone and whatnot (for 2 hours), and she kept refilling my coffee and water for me the whole time! How incredibly sweet! The hospitality here is amazing. Truly. If for whatever reason you end up on the I-15 through Montana, you *must* stop in Dell, and go to the Yesterday’s Calf-A Cafe. Lol! That’s fun to type. Haha. No but really, go to this little gem in Montana, it is a must see. It’s also currently for sale by owner. So someone buy it up and keep it running!!

The evening ride out of Dell was ok. More rolling hills and farmland. I passed by a reservoir, and it looked very lovely in the evening sunlight.


By the way, drinking coffee for 2 hours was clearly not a good idea. To add to it, around 6:30 I passed by another small town Lima (pronounced like Lima bean, not like the capital of Peru), and wolfed down one of those huge microwave burritos I bought at the gas station there. Gas station diet!! Haha. Holy hell, the two hours of coffee drinking plus the greasy microwave burrito absolutely wrecked havoc on my stomach. Riding after that was not fun… I was so grateful it was relatively flat, because even the small uphills were killing me. Clearly it was a poor life decision. Never do that again. Check. Funny, because it was the exact same combo of food (same microwave burrito even!) I had that one morning at Glacier National Park; except in that instance I had *one* cup of coffee, not two hours’ worth. Lol! Lesson learned… >.<

Uuuugh. I'm gonna lay down now and sleep and hope my stomach still isn't a wreck when I wake up. Zzz…


2 thoughts on “Day 20: Sat 8/2, Canyons, Farmland, and the Calf-A! 63 miles

  1. Hi Dancing Feet,
    I really love your journal. What a great adventure. Are you using Adventure Cycling’s maps? I used them for my Trans Am and Pacific Coast road rides and love them.
    I thought of you and Kyle on Monday when I walked into Horseshoe Meadow, having hiked down from Tuolomne. What luck that in 2012 Kyle and then you arrived at that trailhead a few minutes after we started looking for PCT hikers. I guess karma really exists because on a rainy Monday, when I thought I would be stuck at the trailhead hitchhiking, I got a ride to BIshop within 15 minutes.
    Jack “Backpax” Darr

    • Hey!! Backpack so great to hear from you!! :D. Yes I will never forget that day at Horseshoe Meadow, Kyle and I thought were were so screwed because it was so desolate there, then you randomly pull up with a van full of beer! Lol! And last time I saw you before that was Idyllwild! Yay for Karma! Btw, I just saw Kyle a couple days ago in Yellowstone. He’s doing the CDT northbound. Hardcore. πŸ™‚

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