Day 19: Fri 8/1, Rolling through farmland, 61 miles

Before I left the hot springs I had to do one last soak. Here’s how i spent the morning:


Before I left I saw 2 more cyclists that came in! Angela and Bettina. Angela is a German woman who lives in key west Florida, and Bettina is from Montreal (I think?). She had ridden her bike from Montreal across the trans-Canada route, and now she’s heading south. Beast mode!


It’s funny, despite the fact that I think I’m carrying way too much stuff, I’m still traveling lighter than about 70-75% of the riders I encounter. And the ones who are going lighter than I, are also riding way faster than I. I guess overall I’m doing pretty good. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely a huge boost of confidence when an experienced rider like Roberta says I’m making pretty good miles. I definitely don’t consider myself a “cyclist” before I started this whole thing, and riding a bike for an extended period of time is definitely something new to me. I guess I must be doing something right. Yay! Lol!

Today’s riding was kind of boring. Rolling through a valley with ranch and farmlands. I’m actually climbing, but it’s a gentle climb, so I don’t notice it really. Those are the kind of climbs I like. Lol!


The downside of riding through cattle land, is that I’m hesitant to dip from water sources there. Which is ironic because when i did the PCT, all the water sources in southern calfornia were either cow troughs or creeks with cattle all over the place, probably blasting ass into the streams…. Yeah. Lol! And I didn’t get sick πŸ™‚ so honestly it’s not that bad, I’ve just been so spoiled with Canada and northern Montana where I got to drink amazing fresh water. πŸ™‚ Plus, since I’m on a bicycle I can be much more discriminatory when it comes to my water sources.

I did about 55 miles without refilling my water (I had a little under 2L with me). I was fortunate that, just when I ran out of water, I was higher up in the valley and I found a creek. Yay!

My camp area today is in the middle of cattle grazing land. Fortunately I found a flat spot with not too many rocks, and no cow doodoo. It is definitely something very different, up until now I’ve always slept in forest. Here, there’s no trees anywhere near me.


As I was heating water for my food, the sun was setting. I happened to glance up at the sky, and saw this!


WOW!! What a magnificent sunset! The colors were so pretty. I watched it for a while, as it morphed and changed the sky. That was so cool. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Fri 8/1, Rolling through farmland, 61 miles

    • Nah. Water filter is unnecessary. I’m just being whiny. Lol! If I really wanted I could carry a Sawyer Squeeze, but I just don’t want to deal with it. Bleach works fine, and I’ve dipped from waaaaaaaay worse sources. I’m just being picky. Lol

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