Day 18: Thurs 7/31, Elkhorn Hot Springs!!, 12.5 miles LOL

I woke up at 6am today with the intention of getting to Elkhorn Hot Springs lodge for their $7 breakfast buffet. Nom noms!! 😀 Now I remember why I don’t get up early. Oh my gosh it was sooooo COLD!! Damn. My fingers were hurting so bad even my cold weather gloves weren’t working. Ugh. But that’s ok. Because I get to eat eggs and waffles and coffee! Yay!!

I finally met the other Hawaii woman who is riding the divide trail! It was the most random encounter. I was pedaling up a hill and suddenly I hear a voice behind me, “why do you have a Hawaii sticker???”. It was Roberta!! Lol!! What a random encounter!!


Roberta is so cool. She is 60 years old and an absolute beast! Super strong rider, strong willed, and a huge inspiration. This is her 2nd Divide ride, she rode last year too. She is from Big Island and has done other cycle tours including the Grand Canyon. And she used to ride with Tradewinds Cycle Club on Oahu! It was really awesome riding with her, I thoroughly enjoyed conversation with Roberta. If I can be half as badass as her when I am 60, I will be pretty stoked 🙂

Before I left Oahu for my trip, I bought two of those mini Hawaii flags to take on this trip with me. I really had no idea at the time why I chose to take 2 flags, but I did anyways. And now that I found Roberta, she was the reason why! I gave her one of my flags and she was so stoked. Cool! 🙂

Roberta came with me for breakfast at Elkford Hot Springs lodge. When we got there we found 2 other cyclists! Carol and Lawrence from Sydney. They are *such* an awesome and amazing couple, they have cycle toured and hiked and traveled extensively, and they were such fantastic and beautiful people to talk to.


After breakfast, I decided to stay and zero at the Hot Springs, the other 3 rode out. Happy trails guys! I hope to see you again soon. ❤ Later on, anther cyclist rode in: Daniel, a geo-physicist from Iceland!


Daniel is super cool, i ended up hanging out with him the rest of the day. He said he rode in with Jaume but I didn’t see him! 😦 Daniel said Jaume broke his aluminum rear rack coming down Fleecer Ridge. Damn that really sucks. He probably rode out to Dillon to fix it. I hope he’s ok. That really sucks, because all his gear is pretty much packed on his rear rack. 😦

I also met some other super cool people whilst hanging out here. Joel and his family were doing a mini annual reunion here. Joel introduced me to the game of Washers. It’s kind of like skeeball but instead of rolling a ball down a slot and into a hole, you toss giant washers (as in, washers and bolts) into hole. It’s really simple and fun. 🙂 Heres a pic of Joel and Grandma!


I pretty much spent all day here at Elkhorn. It was amazing. They have 2 pools fed by natural hot springs and one is around 95 degrees F and the other was about 105 degrees F. It was a giant natural jacuzzi! 🙂


In the evening, a group of about 35 Americorps people rolled in for a retreat. They are like a domestic version of the Peace Corps. They do a lot of conservation, forestry, trail/bridge building and maintaining, and other types of work. They are so awesome. Thanks guys for all you do!

Oh man what an awesome way to spend a rest day. This place is awesome and the staff is just fantastic. Check it out! Very welcoming to cyclists. So stoked I decided to stop here 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 18: Thurs 7/31, Elkhorn Hot Springs!!, 12.5 miles LOL

  1. What a happy, social day! I could use some hot springs myself – got some old wear and tear on my hip from long hours in the saddle and it’s hurting this morning. If I ever get it rehabilitated, I’d like to ride again and be like Roberta too. YOu’ll be a new woman tomorrow morning – anxious to hear how it plays out on the trail. You are sooo inspiring!

  2. I used to ride with the Tradewinds club for a couple years, but it’s been a while. I don’t know Roberta. The Elkhorn lodge and hot springs look awesome. Do you know what your total mileage is at this point?

    • I haven’t done the math but Canada section was about 255 miles and Montana was around five hundred something. So over 750 at least. I’ll look at my odometer later 🙂

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