Day 47: Sat 8/30, Singletrack awesomeness, and Salida Wine festival! :D

Oh man, my stoke meter is redlining! Lol! I’m going to ride some singletrack that is located right across the river, then I’m going to the Salida Wine Festival in the afternoon. YIPEE! 😀

I got a late start, as I was doing random town chores, including repairing my shoe. The heel strap on my left shoe is starting to tear so I sewed it back together with dental floss. I had to do the exact same thing to the right shoe when I was in Whitefish Montana. I wonder if Keen has some kind of warranty for that. Even though I’ve had these shoes forever. But the sole is fine, just the material is kind of falling apart. Lol.

There is a fantastic network of trails located biking distance from town. In fact, the last trail I rode today I could almost see the bottom of it, from the house I’m staying in. It’s that close. 🙂 the first trail I rode is called North Backbone, and rated it as the third best mountain bike trail in Salida. Whoop whoop! 😀 Monarch Crest Trail is #1 and I’m doing that tomorrow. 🙂 yay! Man the trail was so much fun. Some parts were kinda nuts though! I walked the gnarly sections. Damn, even the non-advanced trails here are intense! No wonder people are good riders here. You can’t really stay in kook level too long, riding trails around these parts. Lol! Here’s a cool panorama of Salida from the trail:

The Salida Wine Festival was cool! I really, really like wine. So when I found out yesterday that this event was happening, I was super stoked!! 🙂 There were about 11 different wineries from Colorado that were sampling their wines. Some were pretty good and others were quite weird. But all in all it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Plus, there was a vendor there selling artesian bread and it was delicious! I was basically wandering around the area with a huge load of bread, and sampling wine. Happy fun times 🙂

I wandered around town a bit after, still with that loaf of bread. Every single dog that I passed was instantly attracted to me and my gourmet bread. I was a puppy magnet! Haha!

I found one of the other bike shops here: Subculture Cyclery. I was immediately greeted by a rotund puppy sniffing at my bread bag. Haha. Yay for bike shops that have dogs! I guess the way multiple bike shops survive in a small town is selling different bikes. Absolute was the Specialized/Trek/Yeti/Kona dealer, and Subculture is the Salsa/Raleigh dealer.

I eventually wandered my way into the local Distillery. How convenient. 🙂 they made Gin and Whiskey there. I was told by someone their cocktails were amazing so I decided to try one out. Funny, I was craving a Bloody Mary the last few days. They made one with gin, which just so happens to be how I like it (more than vodka).


Today was a pretty mellow and chill day. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s ride! Yay!!! 😀


Day 46: Fri 8/29, Dramatic Scenescape and Salida! 60 miles

Oh what a glorious morning it is! Blue skies! Let’s see how long it lasts… Lol! The morning was pretty easy riding. I was pretty close to the town of Hartsel so I was aiming to get there for breakfast. 🙂


Hartsel is a tiny town with not much to it. These are my favorite type of towns, because if there is a restaurant, the food is always homemade, delicious, and cheap! When I got to Hartsel I was pretty hungry. I had a half order of Biscuits and gravy, and a half order of huevos rancheros. It was frickin yummy! But oooooh my gosh it was so much food! I indeed ate it all. Lol! Oh man I am so glad the ride out of Hartsel was mellow, I would have been hurting pretty bad otherwise. Lol! It’s funny, as much as I dislike riding through farmlands, somehow it’s ok if there are mountains in the distance. Haha! Perhaps it’s because subconsciously I know I’ll be amongst trees again. 🙂


Just before leaving Hartsel I met another cyclist! Joy! :D. He was riding the TransAm route. I don’t remember what his name was, but I’m stoked to see another cycle tourist! Haven’t seen one in a while. I haven’t seen a divide rider since my tubing crew in Steamboat! Lol. Seriously though, where the heck is everyone? Perhaps my week in Steamboat put me behind the herd. Ah well. 🙂

The climb right before my massive descent into Salida was pretty steep, yet beautiful. I really like rocks and trees, so I was happy 🙂


When I crested the top of the ridge, I was rewarded with a spectacular view! It’s hard to tell from the picture because there’s really no depth perception, but those mountains in the distance were HUGE!!! They are some of the 14ers (mountains over 14,000′ tall) in the Sawatch Range, and WOW it was a cool thing to see after popping up over the ridge.


After that, it was pretty much a continuous 3,000′ descent into Salida. Yay! And what a glorious descent it was! Shortly after dropping from the top of the ridge, I had the most incredible panoramic view of the mountains. Oh my gosh, it was absolutely divine! I have never seen so many 14k’+ mountains in one place before!! Yes I’ve been to the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, and Mt.Whitney (tallest peak the lower 48 USA) in California, but that was just one massive peak, not a whole bunch in my field of vision!


This definitely ranks as one of the top 3 most dramatic views of my entire ride thus far. First one was my 2nd or 3rd day out, when I rode along a huge lake and had a view of the Canadian Rockies peaks, and the 2nd one was a few days ago, when I popes over the ridge and saw the incredible panorama of the Colorado River canyon. I sat at this viewpoint for a while, soaking it all in.


But, Salida awaits! So I did not tarry too long. :). I am so stoked I have someone who will host me in Salida! His name is Roy, and I met him at the hiker/biker campsite my last night in Yellowstone. He was cycle touring as well, not the Divide but his own route. He was celebrating his 30th year of cycle touring. Go Roy!

Partway along my descent, I saw a lady on the side of the road, she was fixing a flat on her mountain bike. She was having some trouble so I stopped to help her out. Her name is Cathy and she just recently got her bike. It was a Specialized Safire, pretty sweet looking bike! She rode down into town with me and showed me where Absolute Bikes was. She said it was *the* bike shop to go to in Salida. There are at least 3 in town. By the way, this town has less than a population of 4,000 people. And they have that many bike shops. Kinda gives you an idea how awesome this place is. 🙂

Absolute Bikes is one of the shops that they featured in the Ride The Divide documentary. I went in to get some info on local trails and riding conditions. The guy there was great! He helped me find a shuttle to go ride the Monarch Crest Trail, which I’ve been told is possibly the best trail in Colorado. Yay!! I’m so excited!! 😀


Salida is a really hip town, according to Cathy. And it definitely seemed that way when I got there! It has the largest historic district in Colorado, and for a teeny town, not only does it have 3 breweries and a distillery, but it has an entire arts district! COOL!! I went to Amica brewery first.


Then I went to Moonlight. By the way, both these breweries are also pizza pubs. Score! Cuz guess what? I’ve been craving pizza like crazy, my entire ride. So I decided to rode a calzone. It was HUGE! But I ate it all! Lol! It was so good! My tummy was as happy as the calzone. Lol!


Oh! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a dancer, and I have been my entire life. Dance is my soul, my passion, my world, and the very thing my entire being revolves around. 🙂 one of the groups I perform with in Hawaii is Cherry Blossom Cabaret. We are Hawaii’s premiere burlesque and cabaret theater troupe, and these people are some of the most creative, talented, and inspiring individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. They’re pretty much my Family on Oahu :). Anyhow, we’re having a show Saturday night, it’s our Sizzling Summer Speakeasy show! With live music by surf rock band Men In Grey suits. They are so awesome! It’s going to be such a fantastic show I am really bummed I’m not able to perform! Anyhow, for more info go check out Cherry Blossom Cabaret on facebook, or just show up at NextDoor (43 N Hotel st, Chinatown, Honolulu) around 8:30. It’s going to be so much fun!!! 🙂


Oh, and for the record, CBC is the reason I had to wait til mid July to start this ride, we did a fantastic theatrical burlesque and dance production which ran the whole month of June (Alice in Chinatown: Through the Looking Glass), as well as the Hawaii Burlesque Festival. Hence I had to start July and go Southbound, instead of starting earlier and riding Northbound like I originally wanted to. Also, dance is the reason I’m not continuing this bike adventure for all eternity. I have many shows to do come October. 🙂

So, go check out our event at NextDoor! It’ll be super fun! 🙂

Day 45: Thurs 8/28, Breckenridge and dodging rain, 52 miles

Today was a fantastic crash course in thermo regulating whilst cycling up and down bigass mountain passes, at elevation! Lol!

But first, the beginning of the day. I rode into Breckenridge in the late morning, since I didn’t get there last night. I had a buddy with me, Matthew, who was cycling from Avon (or somewhere around there) to Boulder. He took a little detour to go to Breck with me. Cool! I haven’t seen another touring cyclist in a while so that was rad. The entire morning and riding into Breck it was raining. And cold. UGH.

This is actually the 2nd time I’ve been to Breckenridge. First time was in the winter. Breck is a total ski resort town. Like Steamboat but with less of a local feel, and totally touristy. Still a cool town, but expensive, which is what you would expect from a place like this. We didn’t get in til late morning, and I was HUNGRY. Lol! To the point where we just decided to sniff and find a place to eat. Literally. We smelled our way to this small coffee shop/cafe by the river and it was awesome! Breck looks so different in the summer than it does in the winter. I really like ski towns in the summer better. 🙂

Oh! Exciting new! I got a new saddle for my bike! JOY!!! It is a women’s specific design saddle by Bontrager (Trek’s company), and it was cheaper than the WTB saddle ($50 instead of $90). Plus it had a warranty so if I didn’t like it I could return it within 60 days. Honestly at this point, *anything* would have been better than what I currently had (Specialized Phenom). A note to anyone who is considering cycle touring, get a saddle that works. Seriously. It makes such a huge difference.

I spent a long time in Breck, mainly because I was debating whether to stay the day (forecast for tomorrow was much better) or keep going. I ultimately decided to keep pedaling, because this town is expensive. Plus it wasn’t raining at the moment. So I rode on towards Boreas Pass. Bye bye Breck!


The climb up to Boreas Pass was oddly pleasant. It was a railroad grade the entire time, so pretty easy. Plus it was just beautiful. I really like being amongst the trees. And best of all, it wasn’t raining! The entire climb up I was just thinking in my head “please don’t rain!” Because it was COLD. And if it started precipitating, I would be so miserable. The old railroad that went through here connected Breckenridge and Como. It was a special rail line, because it was narrower. Instead of being 4 2/3 feet wide it was 3′ wide.


The whole climb to Boreas Pass was kind of surreal. It was almost misty, because the water was evaporating off the ground in the form of steam, and the wind was blowing it up the mountain. The whole time up it seemed like it would just dump on me. And right when I got here, the clouds started to part, I saw small patches of blue sky, and it was as if the Hallelujah chorus was about to sound out. Lol!


The road curved left and then swung right towards that saddle. That was where Boreas Pass was.


It was so windy at the top! And when yore at over 11k’ elevation, that translates to COLD!! Lol


There were also remnants of old buildings and cabins up there. Can you believe that at one point there used to be a community of 150 people up there? They were all workers and families that maintained the RR then. This was in the early 1900s. The community included a schoolhouse and post office, which at that time was the highest elevation PO in the USA.


Coming down the pass was absolutely awesome! Lol! Oh my it was so cold tho. Apparently I missed some great single track opportunity going into Breck, leaving Breck, as well as coming down off Boreas Pass. Bummer! Next time I shall do more research ahead of time! 🙂

But it was a fantastic descent into South Park, Colorado! Haha, sad to find out there isn’t actually a town by that name (I’m a huge fan of the TV show). Rather, it is a region of Colorado. I rode by the old historic town of Como. There’s some houses and old buildings there, and a post office that doubles as a gift shop. Como was an important railroad town back in the day, because it served as an intersection for many narrow gauge rail lines, and connected those with Denver. Narrow gauge rails were used in steep and mountainous parts of Colorado; they had 3′ wide tracks instead of the standard 4 2/3′ wide tracks. Nowadays, it kinda seems like Como is on it’s way to becoming a ghost town.

I didn’t get too many miles in today. I was in Breck for longer than I needed, sitting at a coffee shop watching it rain outside and trying to motivate myself to ride some more. Lol! The sunset was fantastic though!


I was riding through rolling plains (still at elevation) and so finding a flat spot was actually quite easy. Yay! 🙂 the foliage here is so different than Wyoming. It’s seems like a very similar type of terrain, but with a different type of sage; not so bush like and overall much softer and more forgiving. Which makes for great camping! 🙂 The moon came up and it was beautiful. A tiny yet bright sliver of a crescent moon. Good night! 🙂


Day 44: Weds 8/27, Big Passes and Rain, 62 miles

Oh man, the weather was not so fun today. On the bright side, the rain wasn’t consistent. It was just wet and cold all day. One of those days where rain gear was constantly going on and off and on and off. Lol! I am grateful it is not snowing. Or hailing. Or raining super hard. 🙂

I had an opportunity today to take a detour to Winter Park. It’s a huge mountain bike area with amazing trails. I ultimately decided against it, for several reasons. One I didn’t have proper shoes to do any serious trail riding, plus I didn’t want to chance busting my bike. And, I just took a week off in Steamboat, I don’t think I can afford any more side trips for a while. Lol! And, I’m hoping by the time I get to Salida the weather is better. I would like to run the river there if possible. I’m definitely jonesing for some water action. 🙂 here’s a picture of the signed junction. I stood here for a good 15 minutes debating what to do. Lol


The whole ride up to Ute Pass (9,500′) it was raining and windy. Canyons tend to be like that. There was also a huge mine near the top. I think they’re mining for natural gas. Its kind of a pain when it rains when pedaling uphill, because you’re sweating under the rainshell, but you don’t want to remove it or you’ll get soaked by the rain. So either way, you’re still wet. Lol! I suppose the solution would be to get a breathable rainshell, but that usually runs over $300. Not quite doable for me. 🙂 Big props to Patagonia. I’m using their Super Cell rain shell which is pretty bombproof. It keeps me dry and I love it. 🙂

When I crested the pass, the view was absolutely spectacular! Then came the descent. Oh man it was so cold dropping down from 9,500′! I was a little icicle by the time I got to the bottom. Lol! Good thing there was a mild uphill pedal after my descent, that helped warm me up. 🙂 Heres the view from the top of the pass


I got into Silverthorne in the early afternoon. I was somewhat in a bleh mood due to weather, and found an Indian/Nepalese restaurant with a lunch special so I decided to stop in. Yay for yummy spicy food! That’ll help warm me up 🙂

I was aiming to reach Breckenridge by the evening. However, there was a brewery between there and where I was, plus it was called Backcountry Brewery. Of course I had to stop 🙂 The bartender convinced me to do a taster of all their beers, and against better judgement, I did. The Maibock beer was excellent!


It was getting dark quick, as I was leaving the brewery. No, I didn’t end up making it all the way to Breck. Lol! It was really cold and I don’t have a light so night riding would not be ideal. Ah well, breakfast tomorrow in Breck! 🙂

I’m glad it wasn’t raining in the evening. I don’t like setting my tent up, or packing it, in the rain. It’s not so bad when I’m already in the tent. But setting up a tent in the rain is not fun, nor is packing a wet tent. Water also makes it heavier.

Hope the weather is better tomorrow! I heard this year is an unusually wet one for the Rocky Mountain region. On the bright side, water is good, and essential for life. And hopefully Colorado won’t be on fire like it was a few years ago.

Day 43: Tues 8/26, Dramatic Scenescapes, 63 mile

Wow today was kind of a lot tougher than I expected! I had 2 big climbs that, although it didn’t look to bad on paper (via the elevation chart), it was tiring. Lol. But wow the views were awesome! I came out of forests and basically dropped into the Colorado River canyon, twice.


The day started out somewhat mundane. Awesome view of mountains on all sides of me though.


I rode by a historic building in the middle of nowhere. It was built in the 1880s as someone’s personal residence, a hotel for travelers, a post office, as well as a stagecoach stop (used by Wells Fargo and others).


Oh! So, I was wondering why Steamboat Springs is called such, because the river that runs through town is way too small and shallow to be able to support a steamboat (or any motorized boat, for that matter). I found out, the reason Steamboat Springs is named such, is because early in the founding days of the town, someone was by the river and said the bubbling springs that fed into the river sounded like a steamboat coming. So there ya go. The community started off as a ranching town in the 1800s, by the early 1900s skiing was a huge activity there, and was included in the school curriculum. The 1960s is when Steamboat really bloomed into what it is today; that’s when the ski resort was built.

It was really amazing to pop over a rise and look down into the Colorado river canyon. That’s a biiiiiiiig drop! I rode all the way down to the very bottom of that, off to the right of the canyon. It’s too bad I can’t really go full speed downhill. There were a lot if sharp turns in the road and it was gravel so kind of slippery. Plus i tend to be on the overly cautious side. Many people on the Divide have had ride-ending injuries due to crashing at high speeds. I don’t intend to be one of them.


I rode over the Colorado River. Multiple times today, actually. This particular spot is a popular put-in spot for rafters, boaters, and kayakers. I saw some kayakers coming in. It looked fun!! Damn I really want to go paddle. Lol.



Leaving that spot I went up another huge ass climb, and got to go down another canyon. That was super awesome. Not as dramatic of a canyon view as the first one but still pretty.


Then I got to go up into another canyon. That seems to be the pattern for today’s riding. Lol. This climb was pretty tough. At some portions of the ride the wind was blowing so hard it was pushing me all over the place. I actually got off my bike and walked several times just because the wind was so strong. When I popped over the ridge, the town of Kremmling was at the bottom.


Kremmling is somewhat of a nondescript town, at first I wasn’t going to even stop in, but curiosity got the better of me. Lol! Plus I was wondering if they had a brewery there. Haha. No brewery. However I did finally satiate a huge craving. Since leaving Banff i reeeeeally was craving a steak. Problem is, they’re generally super expensive unless u make it yourself, which I haven’t had the means to. Well, except when I was staying at the mansion in Steamboat, there was a grill there, but I didnt think about that at time. Anyhow, I finally got a steak in Kremmling that was relatively cheap and super good! Plus it came with a baked potato and some TexMex corn chowder so I was stuffed! Yay! Ok now I’m good on steaks for the duration of my ride. 😀

I did around 10 miles leaving kremmling. Weather wasn’t looking so promising so I started looking for a campsite earlier. It’s nice when I can be a little more picky instead of trying to find a flat spot in the dark. Lol. So the reason it’s extra important for me to find a flat spot, other than comfort, is because my tent doesn’t setup very well if the ground is curved or really uneven. I have a TarpTent Notch, it’s not freestanding, and it sets up with 4 stakes and 2 sticks. If the ground isn’t flat the tension on the tent is weird and it just doesn’t stand very well. I remember when I was on my PCT thru-hike, there was a couple times it was impossible to get stakes in the ground. Good thing it was a rocky area, I was able to secure the guy lines around boulders and do the deadman stake thing and pile a bunch of heavy rocks on it, enough to secure it.

If possible i try to find a camping spot that’s east facing, that way the sun wakes me up in the morning. Even though its usually overcast. But it’s warmer as well. Plus, if it rained, then at least half of my tent will be somewhat dried by the sun.

I’m riding through ranch land again, so my options were slim. I found an area off the side of the road where there was actually an area clear of sage. I Had to kick some antelope poop aside. Better than cow patties I suppose, antelope poop is smaller. 🙂 The ground wasn’t completely level but hey, close enough. I generally wake up at some point of the night, to find that I’ve slid to the downhill half of my tent. Good thing I’m short, or I might actually bust through the bottom side of my tent. Haha. Only one time this trip I’ve slid sideways and knocked down one of the support sticks. I misjudged the direction of the slope of the ground. Oops. A simple solution to me sliding around would be to get a piece of grippy shelf liner and put it under my sleeping bag and pad. I keep forgetting everytime I go into town. Tomorrow I get into Silverthorne, perhaps there will be a discount store there, and I’ll remember to look.

A cool trick I learned from my buddy Jeff on the PCT is, you can use a SmartWater bottle as a level. For reals! Lol! Since the bottle is long and skinny, when it’s filled with water you can put it on the ground and the little bubble will tell you if it’s flat, or which way the ground is tilting, if it’s not obvious to the naked eye. Lol! A SmartWater bottle fits better in an actual backpack though, it’s a bit too big for my little camelbak daypack I’m using. So there you go, next time you guys go backpacking, don’t forget to bring a SmartWater bottle. 🙂

Day 42: Mon 8/25, Back on track! :D 25 miles

Oooo man the thunder last night was so loud! It kind of made the whole living room vibrate, that’s how intense it was. Wow.

Ok so I didn’t actually get out of Steamboat until 5pm. Lol. But hey at least I still did 25 miles! It felt really good to be back on the route again. 🙂

I got a late start this morning. I didn’t make it to the post office til about noon. Haha. But I got my new tire and some Stan’s tubeless fluid. Thanks Glenn! I took the goods and rode to Orange Peel bike shop. It is the only bike shop in steamboat springs that operates year round, I believe. All the other bike shops turn into ski shops come fall. The guys at Orange Peel are super awesome. If I’m doing bike repairs or maintenance in town, I like to do it right by a bike shop if possible, that way if I screw up really bad, i can just hand it over to the professionals. Lol. But my fix wasn’t too hard, I just had to install a new rear tire and put fluid in and seal the bead. And put more fluid in the front tire. The people in the repair shop ended up helping me anyways, since they weren’t busy. Thanks guys!

I also visited a little outdoor gear shop called BAP! It’s a little red house that is the current home of Honey Stinger and Big Agnes. I felt I needed to go pay them a visit, since I’m using a big Agnes sleeping bag and I absolutely love it 🙂 Too bad i didn’t need anything, they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. As part of the IMBA summit, I had a 40% off coupon for any big Agnes product. Oh man, I almost walked out of there with a new sleeping pad. Lol! I don’t *need* a new sleeping pad. But I’ve been on the fence for a while about getting an inflatable one. Solely for packability purposes. I’m currently using a Thermarest Ridgerest which, while very functional (and cheap), it’s quite bulky. Old school style. 🙂 the main reason I didn’t buy a new one there was because I wouldn’t have saved any weight. The one I have right now is a little under a pound, and the lightest inflatable pad was 14 oz. Ah well, it wasn’t meant to be 🙂


The ride out of Steamboat was quite mellow and lovely. I am so grateful the weather was decent. It was pouring rain for a bit in the afternoon, while I was replacing my tire, glad it stayed clear the rest of the day. I passed a reservoir and it was quite a lovely view.



The days are getting shorter. I still rode til about 8:30 but it was getting really dark as I was setting up my tent. I guess I need to bump my cutoff time to 8pm now, instead of 8:30. Which means I need to wake up earlier so I can still get my miles in. Hmmm… I’m not good with early wake-ups. Lol!

The area I am in right now is a small neighborhood of ranches high up in the mountains. It was getting really dark quickly and I had been looking for a flat spot to camp for a while, but didn’t find any. So I rode by this cabin that had a “for sale” sign on it, and no car in the vicinity of the cabin, so I pulled in and pitched my tent behind the cabin. I’m not advocating trespassing or anything, I just don’t really have any options right now. Not even my typical side-of-the-road camping, because I’m on the side of a mountain so nothing is flat; and any areas that are flat-ish have a crapload of foliage. :/

It’s thundering right now. I can see flashes of lightning from inside my tent, every now and then. I think the storm is moving away though; it’s not raining anymore. I hope I have dry weather tomorrow! Riding in the rain at elevation (I’m at around 8,000′ again) really sucks cuz it’s cold!

Day 40/41: Sat 8/23-Sun 8/24, Rainy Trail ride, and end of Summit! :(


A 25 mile group trail ride was scheduled for today, but it rained alllll night long so unfortunately the ride was moved elsewhere. Bummer because I have a super awesome bike! It’s the Pivot Mach 5.7, and I really wanted to take it on a long ride.


They shuttled us to another trailhead instead which had a couple shorter out-and-back trail rides. I still wanted to do a long ride so I ended up connecting a few trails with some road riding in between (to get to another trailhead), and it ended up being really really fun, because the last trail i rode ended spitting me right back into town so I just rode back to the hotel and conference area to return the bike. All in all I did about 20+ miles. It was fun!! I really like that Pivot bike. I wish it came with a 27.5 wheel size instead of a 26″.

Too bad no one wanted to do the longass ride with me (it rained the whole time, and most people opted to finish early), the last 6 miles of trail that dropped me back in town was absolutely magnificent!! It was all downhill and it was so fun!! Boy I was a muddy mess by the time I was done. Lol! This is a “before” pic. I wish I had taken an “after” pic. Lol!


I reluctantly returned the bike back to the Pivot people. It’s BBQ time! A late lunch/early dinner today was included as part of the conference. Man I ate a lot! I guess I was super hungry after that ride. Lol.

I went back to my Mansion after that. There were some evening activities as part of the conference, but I just wanted to hang in my room and do nothing. Lol! The Dirt Rag crew was chilling at home too. We all just sat around and hung out and had some wine. It was fantastic. Lol 😀


Alas, the IMBA World Summit 2014 has come to a close. What a fantastic and amazing week it has been! I’ve met so many awesome people, learned a lot, and best of all i got to ride a bunch of awesome bikes on some awesome trails!! :D. Man it was sooooo nice to ride single track. It’s a nice change from the gravel and dirt roads I’ve been riding on the Divide route. Finally, I had a chance to do some “real” Moutain biking! Lol! I am so fortunate to have been able to spend a week in this wonderful town and had a chance to get to know it so intimately.

HUGE mahalo to Mark Eller at IMBA! He is the one responsible for hooking me up for the whole World Summit event. It is a biennial event, so the next time it rolls around (2016) I hope some of you will go. Even if you are not affiliated with an IMBA chapter, it’s such a great, educational and fun experience for anyone who enjoys mountain biking.

So the funny thing is, u can’t leave town yet, because I have a package at the post office waiting for me. I’ve been so busy with the conference I haven’t had time to pick it up. And since the post office isn’t open on Sunday, I’m stuck here til tomorrow. Not that this is a bad place to be “stuck” in. Lol! Yay I can’t wait to get my box! It has a new tire for me. I’m so stoked, because since I popped it last Tuesday, after putting a tube in it I got another hole, and it’s been leaking slowly ever since. So instead of patching it I just pump up the tire each time before I ride. It holds enough air so I can get to where I need to go before it gets too flat.

But still, it’s kind of a pain. Haha. Yay, new tire tomorrow! Plus the new chain I put on last Monday, my bike is happy! Then i finally get to go back on route! Steamboat has been nice, but daaaaaamn I’ve been here way too long. I need to get back into the trees where I am alone and not surrounded by 400 people at a time. Lol! 🙂

Oh, and if you’re curious, I sent Butterstuff back home along with all the swag from the Summit, and all he clothing and shoes I had mailed out to me. Bummer, I would have loved to take Butterstuff all through Colorado (he likes craft beers even more than I do), but he’s pretty darn heavy. Haha. Plus he’s not into extended camping. And I think he’d rather ride downhill with Glenn than up and over mountain passes with me… Lol.