Day 17: Weds 7/30, Lost and Redirected by Trail Angels, 61.5 miles

Ok the Spanish guy’s name is Jaume, not whatever I said before. Lol. We rode together for a bit earlier in the day.

This morning was so beautiful. It was a descent down some rolling hills and pasture lands with beautiful mountains behind.


Man my butt is really sore. Lol. The Leuko tape is helping for sure, but at some point I need to take a break. I’m aiming for a hot springs which I should arrive at by tomorrow πŸ™‚

So at some point in the afternoon, I got lost. Again. Lol! I was just spacing out and not paying attention and I missed a very important turn. OOPS. However, once again the Universe was on my side, and sent me some Angels in the form of a dirtbike riding couple. I had gone up and down the wrong mountain, and the couple rode up to me and said, “hey I think you’re going the wrong way!” They are locals to the area and they said they always see cyclists rolling through and going a different direction. They escorted me back to the junction (where I missed my turn), and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks guys!!! My heroes. πŸ™‚ apparently, the way I was going I would have eventually dead-ended, 15 miles downhill in the wrong direction. That would have sucked SO BAD!! Thank you Universe for looking out for me! ❀

Shortly after that I went down Fleecer Ridge which is a really hyped up part of the ride. It was steep, but not bad. The dirtbike couple that helped me, insisted that I walk down it. So I heeded their advice and I did. Even then I was skidding down. Another blessing from the universe: as I was descending Fleecer Ridge, there was a thunderstorm with rain directly in front of me, and directly behind me. But the whole time I descended, it was overcast directly above me, but i stayed dry. Yay!! I later met a rider who was in front of me; he got rained on. Lucky me. ❀


I stopped in the tiny town of Wise River for a beer. πŸ™‚ it was a wheat beer from Missoula. Absolutely delicious! I was the only one in the bar. The bartender lady was so awesome. πŸ™‚ It was a really cute building. Bar/cafe/motel, all in one. This is quite common in the small towns I roll through:


I’ve learned a new lesson today. Once I hit 6,000′ elevation, I cannot have more than one beer if I plan on riding more. Oooooh man, leaving Wise River was tough! Lol! Plus it was all a continuous climb, and the first part of it was hot and exposed. Lesson learned. Check! Lol.

I rolled through more pasture lands. Some of the ranch houses are huge! Here’s a pic of one.


I ended up stopping early today. Before 8pm. I made some food and the original plan was to keep riding a bit more. But my bum was hurting and it was getting cold. So I just threw my tent up. Lucky I did, because shortly after, it started raining. Whew!! Glad I stopped and got my tent up, otherwise I woulda been riding in the rain. And it was cold. Not a good combination!

The awesome part is, I’m only 12 miles from the hot springs!! Yippee! Im gonna wake up early tomorrow so I can arrive at the lodge there for their $7 breakfast buffet, and then go soak. Yippee!! πŸ˜€


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