Day 16: Tues 7/29, Nero out of Butte, 16 miles

Well I’ve decided I’m not going to zero in Butte. It’s just too expensive and I honestly don’t like the town. It has a really weird vibe. Lol. Every town I’ve been to has been absolutely awesome and vibrant, with friendly people and just fantastic energy. Butte seemed…dead. Lol. People are definitely friendly, but it seems like no one is happy living here. I don’t blame them. O.o

After I checked out, I spent all day lollygagging and doing errands and such. It’s funny, because my body just really wants to rest but at the same time, I don’t want to be here and I just want to leave, so it’s like I’m in this mental state of limbo. Lol! I decided to compromise, and just do a super easy day out, and then post up somewhere for the night. That way, I’m not in Butte anymore, and my body can rest as well.

Shortly after riding out of Butte, I was in the forest again. What a beautiful and welcome sight! I am so glad to be back amongst the trees. 🙂


One of the first areas I rode through was a gigantic 3,500 acre recreation park jointly managed by the city/county and the US Forest Service. It has picnic areas, pit toilets, fire pits, and 35 miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian. Dude! That’s so awesome!! Come on Honolulu, get it together already!


At the top of the pass (continental divide crossing #6) there was a beautiful trailhead area with a pit toilet and firepits, and I found some cyclists! Yay! I’m stoked when I see other cyclists in the woods 🙂 The guy was another Divide rider, Jamul (not sure if I got that right) from Barcelona area in Spain, and the gal is from a local MTB club. She and her friends were deflagging the trail because this past weekend they had a 100 mile MTB race.


This area is so cool! I decided to camp up here. The Spanish guy was camping here too.


The view from here was just so beautiful, and the sunset was absolutely divine. This is one of the reasons I love doing trips like these. I get to fall asleep in a new beautiful place every day 🙂


Jamul made a campfire and I talked with him for quite a while. He is quite a fascinating individual. He is a high school history and religion teacher, and has cycle toured extensively through Europe and Western Asia. I told him that I would someday like to cycle tour the Camino de Santiago as well as Belgium, and he told me about his experiences doing so. This guy has also cycled (as well as ran a marathon) up the 3rd highest mountain pass in the world, somewhere in northern India/Nepal. He also lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery for several weeks, doing volunteer work. Super cool!! What a fascinating individual! We talked about a lot of things, including traveling, and the socio-economic impact tourism has in 3rd world countries. It was a very wonderful conversation. Yay for new friends!

The stars are amazing out here. Goodnight. 🙂



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