Day 13: Sat 7/26, Ovando! Busy Roads, Lincoln, 61.5 miles

Oh boy it was a cold one this morning! It was in the 40s. Yeah… Good thing I picked up some whiskey at Seeley Lake! It is precisely for these purposes: when it’s so cold out that I don’t wanna move. I finally got going at around 8:30. The backcountry roads sure are busy this morning! That’s how I know it’s the weekend. Everyone is out camping, huckleberry picking, and riding ATVs.

I rolled into a tiny community called Ovando. It has a population of about 71. Yup. But what it lacks in residents, it makes up for in character and charm. Ovando consists of a small lodge/convenience store/gas pump, post office, museum thingy, cafe, and mini outfitter (with wifi). They are *super* cyclist friendly.



I originally planned on just stopping in the cafe The Stray Bullet for some coffee, but I ended up staying for breakfast because I was so taken by the place. Plus, they had biscuits and gravy! Oh my gosh I looooove biscuits and gravy. I can’t really justify eating it on a normal basis because the calorie count is so ridiculous, but when I’m doing something like riding everyday, I can totally swing it. This is just a “half order”! Good thing I didn’t order a whole, I think I would have exploded!


Oh gosh it was so good, and the people there really went out of their way to help me out. Thanks guys! What an awesome place. Plus, all their coffee mugs have their name glazed into it. It is custom made by one of the locals. So cool! I highly recommend stopping there if you happen to be in the area. It’s kind of in the middle-of-nowhere Montana off hwy 200, but it’s such a neat place! Of all the town stops I’ve been to so far, Ovando is by far my favorite.

I’m trying to limit my time in towns, because it can be quite expensive, since I’m in towns so often. It’s quite easy to end up spending a lot of money by eating out, etc. Thus far, I’ve only been in towns long enough to charge my electronics, then I’d leave. So, since I had town food here in Ovando, I will not have any in Lincoln (which I’ll hit later today). 🙂

Leaving Ovando I took a wrong turn. Doh!! Not sure how many miles I went looking for the correct road, but I’d say it took a good 45 mins to an hour. The universe does that every now and then, throws me a curve ball to keep me on my toes 🙂 Lesson learned: follow the cue sheet!! There are mileage markers on the map that tell you exactly where to go. Utilizing that along with my odometer and doing some simple math, that’s how I figure out how far I go before a turn comes, etc.

Leaving Ovando I rode through ranch land before heading up into the forest again. One farm had a bunch of horses! One of the baby horsies nodded at me as I rode by. Hi horsie! Lol!


Everyone seems to drive a huge truck out here. I suppose there is actual practical purpose in these parts, for owning a gigantic SUV/truck. Even the mail truck is a huge SUV with a magnetic sign on the side of it that says “US Mail”. I wonder though, how do people afford gas for those vehicles? That must be so expensive.

The forest service is really serious about campfires here. There are signs everywhere alerting people to put their campfires completely out. That’s awesome. Maybe if California did this, it wouldn’t be on fire all the time…


It was really pretty riding today. I went over one mountain pass, through some beautiful forest. There were lots of cars out and about, and people picking huckleberry. Happy weekend! 🙂


I got into Lincoln at around 5pm. I met a really cool lady there Carol, who gave me these little energy shots that she sells. They’re like those 5 hr energy things, but all natural. Thank you Carol! I spent some time on the porch of an art gallery/coffee shop (the shop had already closed) elevating my feet and charging my phone at the outlet. It was a very nice porch 🙂 See? No town expenditures! Gotta keep myself on a budget here! 🙂


During my time perched on the porch, a wedding party vehicle convoy drove by. Bride and groom were sitting in the back of a Classic Chevy pickup truck, with a string of cans trailing behind, and they were followed by a train of lifted jeeps, buggys, and other modified offroad vehicles with loud engines. Oh Montana…. P. That was pretty awesome. Congrats to the couple!

I rode about 12 miles out of Lincoln before stopping for the night by a little creek. Yay! I love the sound of water. 🙂 Wow there sure are some really nice looking cabins in the woods here! In all of Montana really. Dang some of these cabins are just so beautiful. A lot of them are for sale too.

Anyhow, nap time!!


One thought on “Day 13: Sat 7/26, Ovando! Busy Roads, Lincoln, 61.5 miles

  1. I see a bike shop sticker on your frame bag.Bike shop Hawaii represent!! Hope your having a great time, we all miss you back home

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