Day 11: Thurs 7/24, Rain, Crash, Detour! 72 miles

It rained all morning. I was so grateful that it was just a light rain and not a torrential downpour. My temporary rain pants couldn’t handle that. I get my actual rain pants in Basin, MT but until then I’m using my $1 thrift store pants I found in Sparwood, which kind of work, but only for a little bit.

After noon when the rain stopped, it was so glorious and sunny! For a bit. Then it was overcast the rest of the day. It was actually pretty chilly all day today. Hence I didn’t take many pictures, because I didn’t want to stop moving. But here a pic from the cockpit, after the rain stopped and the clouds parted :


Weather here is similar to Hawaii. It can rain/thunderstorm at any given time, and then it’ll be gone as quickly as it arrived. Or, it could rain for hours (like this morning). But unlike Hawaii, the rain is not warm. 🙂

For about 10 miles today, I wasn’t certain if I was even going the right way (I’m not carrying a GPS). The directions on the map were ambiguous in relation to what I was actually seeing. Plus, I didn’t see any bicycle tire tracks, which makes me nervous. I kept checking compass direction to my map and I was at least going in the correct general direction, so I felt ok because even if I was not on trail, eventually id hit a road and I could get back on trail.

In the midst of all that I crashed. It was so dumb too, because all I did was swerve to avoid a tree branch and I slid out. To make it worse, my back wheel fell off because I forgot to check my bike this morning, and the brake pads were clamped shut. Aaaarg!! That is such a stupid mistake on my part! Yeah, don’t forget to do a once-over on. Your bike every morning, it’s very important, and will save you from lame situations like this.

I took the brake caliper off and zip tied it to my rack. I’m not going to need brakes anytime soon (doing a 20 mile climb) and I was super tired so I’m just going to deal with this later.

I took a 10 mile detour off route so I could get some food at this little restaurant/bar. I was in a poopy mood so I figured I’d go get some town food. 🙂 I had a Huckleberry wheat ale from a local brewery around here. Gosh it was good!! Beer is pretty cheap here in Montana. At the bar it was $3.50 for a craft beer, and $3.50 for a shot of Makers Mark. Damn. That’s even better than happy hour prices in Hawaii!

I kept riding a little bit more, because I didn’t want to pay for a camp spot. They had a US Forest service campground by a lake, but I think it’s silly to pay $15 for a campsite when you can just camp anywhere for free. Lol.

Whew, 72 miles! My biggest day yet. Tomorrow I have a crappy uphill, then headed toward Seely Lake. I think I’ll go try and deal with my brakes when I get there.

Time to stretch and go nap time! Oh man my legs are gnarly sore. Wish I could soak in an Epsom salt bath. Or jump in the ocean. No ocean for miles and miles and miles around tho. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 11: Thurs 7/24, Rain, Crash, Detour! 72 miles

    • My phone kind of has a rudimentary gps app, but it doesn’t always work. Plus, unless I have cell service the map doesn’t pop up so all I have is a blank grid with my location and waypoints. In a bad enough bind, that would be enough to get me oriented, when used in conjunction with my map and compass.

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