Day 10: Weds 7/23, Whiskey tasting! 64 miles

Wow a crazy thunder/rainstorm descended upon the campground at around 2am. Despite that I still slept pretty well. I finally left Glacier at around 11am, and I decided to take the highway rather than go back the way i came. Even though I hate road riding on busy highways, I also don’t like riding stuff I’ve already ridden when I’m doing something like this. Plus, I’m always curious what I might find on the highway.

Boy I’m glad I did because i rode by a whiskey distillery!! OMG! Of course I stopped in. Lol! Glacier Distillery is what it’s called and it was absolutely fantastic!! When I saw this on the highway, i just had to pull in:


There was the tasting room which had 12 different kinds of whiskey and 4 different dessert liquors:


There was also the area where they actually make the product:


All in all, it was a super awesome place πŸ™‚


The riding today consisted of a lot of road riding through ranch and farmlands:


Around 5pm I stopped at a small gas station/convenience store in the tiny town of Ferndale to get some lunch, and food for the next couple days. I ended up sitting on the floor at the front of the shop, eating a salad and some strawberry shortcake and pie. People looked at me funny. Haha. Oh well I don’t care. πŸ™‚ Damn that cake was gooood! I should have gotten another one, it was only $0.50!!

I kept riding til almost 9pm today. Trying to get more trail miles in. At the very end of the day I had a loooooong climb. Oh my god it totally wiped me out. After I crested the mountain I started looking for a good spot to throw my tent up. Just as I was starting to her nervous (it was getting dark and cold), I found a large flat spot, and two guys! Holy crap how random!! They were touring around on their motorbikes/dirtbikes that had racks and metal panniers. It was a really sweet setup. It was also one of the guys’ birthday. Happy birthday dude! And thanks for sharing your whiskey πŸ™‚

Oh my goodness the stars were absolutely incredible tonight. You could see tons and tons and tons of stars, as well as the Milky Way. Incredible! It was such a beautiful night with fantastic weather. I am so stoked πŸ™‚


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