Day 9: Tues 7/22, Hiking the Highline/Loop Trail

Today is the first day I actually did not ride my bike. Yesterday I rode about 32 miles into the park. It was all easy riding but I’m stoked to do some hiking for a bit.

There’s a free shuttle that takes you from the Apgar Visitor Center (on the west side of the park), up Going 2 The Sun Road, to the top at Logan’s Pass (which is on the actual Continental divide) and then down to the east side of the park.

The hike I did started at Logan’s Pass, but I took the shuttle to the other side of the park, because I was curious what was there. Cool views from the shuttle ride:





There were some Bighorn Sheep right at the visitors center at Logan’s Pass, chomping at the grass. Nom nom nom! Lol!


The rock formations here are incredible. Geology is so cool 😀



I took to shuttle to a little market on the east side of the park where I got a coffee and microwave burrito for breakfast (gas station diet!). I’m pleasantly surprised that things aren’t abhorrently priced here, as they tend to be in tourist-heavy places.

I shuttled it back up to Logan’s Pass to start my hike. I’m so glad that I found out about the free shuttle, because originally I was planning on cycling the road, which would have been insane because there is no shoulder… That being said, I saw plenty of cyclists on the road. Wow. More power to them!



The Highline Trail to the Loop Trail is awesome, because it is downhill all
the way, and you pass through multiple biomes as you drop elevation.





The trail was quite crowded since I got a late start, but it thinned out pretty quickly. All the goats are shedding their winter coat. They look half naked. Lol!



There were some snow patches I walked over.

I saw a trail crew working. Thanks guys! Trail crews are awesome!! I asked if I could help, they said due to liability reasons it probably wasn’t a good idea. Bummer. I guess things are a bit more strict within national park boundaries.


The scenery from this hike was just absolutely amazing. I am so stoked for all my friends hiking the Continental Divide Trail this year. They will be ending here at GNP. What a spectacular and divine place to finish their journey. 🙂




Oh my gosh, super random and crazy! As I was hiking the trail, a complete stranger stopped me and asked me “did you hike the PCT?” The lady recognized me, because she followed my Pacific Crest Trail hike 2012 blog 2 years ago. Plus, I am wearing the exact same thing hiking today, as I did when I was on the PCT. How awesome and random is that?! Lol! I love serendipitous trail encounters 🙂


Huge mahalo to my buddy David Nash in Honolulu (who used to be a guide in GNP) and the 2 cyclists I met yesterday, for all the awesome inside information about the park! U guys rock! 🙂


I was going to do a 2nd hike today, but by the time I finished the first one (around 11 miles) it was already late, plus the clouds were getting heavy looking. It’s ok, my hiking and exploring needs we’re very much satiated. :). What an awesome day!

Tomorrow I will leave the park and get back on trail. Time to get back on track! What an awesome side trip this was :). I highly encourage anyone riding the Divide to do a side trip to Glacier. The trail doesn’t go thru it, but you are *so close*, it would be a shame not to come visit. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Day 9: Tues 7/22, Hiking the Highline/Loop Trail

    • If you’re doing backcountry backpacking, get your permits early. They fill up fast 🙂 I dunno if the CDT hikers have a permit that just allows them to camp at the various sites regardless. But damn what a fantastic end to their journey 🙂

      • They way permitting is done here, is by site. I think they only allow x amount of ppl per site per night, so it has to be site specific. Hence, some ppl I know did the walk-up thing, and based their trail selection upon that. It is hard to do a multiple-night backpack trip during peak season tho, so it might be that u gotta drive to a trailhead, do and in and out, then drive to another trailhead, etc.

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