Day 8: Mon 7/21/14 Glacier National Park!!

So I spent the whole morning doing chores I needed to do, since I didn’t get anything done yesterday. Lol

My shoes were falling apart (I’ve been using them long before I started the trail) so I sewed them back together with dental floss:


On day 2 or 3 my multi tool fell apart. The nut that holds it all together isn’t on there very well, so all the shaking and vibrations from riding loosened the nut. When I opened my top tube bag I saw a bunch of washers and pieces.

I found a pic of it on the internet and used it to reassemble.


Oh! One of the other super cool things about the Bike Retreat is that there are puppies that live here!! Well, one puppy, Lego. The owner was puppy sitting another puppy Camber, and today a 3rd puppy showed up. It was a good day!


I finally left the bike retreat around 2pm, ran some errands in town, and then headed out to ride to Glacier National Park which was very close by. At the post office, I randomly ran into one of the locals I was camping with 2 nights ago, and he ended up giving my an alternate route to get to Glacier NP that avoided the main highway! Awesome!!! 😀 my plan was to just ride the main highway into Glacier, which is kind of scary because theres tons of traffic. This new info I got about taking backroads in, was fantastic!! I was so thrilled! Thanks dude!

Here’s a pic of a cute firehouse I saw on the way there:


Another amazing thing that happened to me today was while I was sitting in this spot eating lunch (which consisted of 1/3 lbs of gummy bears).


Another touring cyclist passed by me who had just left Glacier NP, and he gave me his entry pass, as well as some camping info (cyclists and backpackers only pay $5 per person, for the tent-only site at the campground)! Cool! Thanks dude!!

After that, a pair of cyclists on an evening cruise passed by me. They were volunteers at the park, and gave me all kinda of fantastic info (there’s a free shuttle that goes across the park!). Thanks guys!! Wow, sitting at that spot really proved to be incredibly beneficial! Lol!

I didn’t arrive in Glacier NP til the evening, so I just set up camp at Apgar Campground which is right by the entrance, and figured out logistics for tomorrow. There are some really cool backpackers here at the site too. Can’t remember their names, but we had an awesome time chatting.

Gosh I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to explore Glacier NP I’ve heard so many amazing things about it!! :D. And, it’ll be nice to actually give my butt a full days rest from riding. Lol!


7 thoughts on “Day 8: Mon 7/21/14 Glacier National Park!!

  1. Enjoying the posts.! Yesterday and today’s posts took me back to my bike trip with two friends to Whitefish and Glacier just a few years ago. Great Northern Cycles with the Daily Habit espresso bar was our morning haunt. We stopped and sat on the picnic tables at Apgar campground and admired the view too. Happy to see you wearing your Keens…my go to cycling shoes 98% of the time. Wore them in Whitefish too! If you have time – try Jersey Boys pizza in Whitefish – reminds me of Boston Pizza on Oahu. Also great breakfasts at Lulas. By the way – how are you keeping electronics charged while on the go?

  2. I get more and more envious by the blog day! I’ll bet your muscles have really toned up in the past 7 days and you’ll be powering ahead! Do you have a date in October by which you need to finish the ride? I’ve been trying to calculate what your daily mileage would need to be.

    • Early October. I think I’ll be done earlier than that though. I’ve been doing between 40-60 miles a day. Bu I also do side trips (Like right now. Lol). I met these 3 guys who were consistently doing 30/50/70 mile days and they finished in about 2 months and a week.

  3. Glacier park looks awesome! I don’t mean to get all geeky, but I notice from your earlier pics that you are riding a hardtail. Is that more advantageous on this particular ride than riding a full suspension, or was it just a matter of riding what you had? Happy trails

    • Yes to both. 29 hard tail seems to be the preferred and most efficient style bike for this trail. That being said, there are all kine bikes with all kine setups. I just see 29ers the most. Particularly the Salsa Fargo. That’s like the ULA Circuit of the Tour Divide. Lol. In my opinion, from what I’ve been thru thus far, a full suspension is kind of overkill. Many ppl have fully rigid bikes. Plus, more moving parts means more shit that potentially breaks.

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