Day 7: Sunday 7/20, Whitefish Bike Retreat! (30 miles)

Oh man Mosquitos wake up early in these parts! Lol! I hurried to get out of Red Meadow campground as fast as possible. Oh what a lovely ride to Whitefish! It was 30 miles of pretty easy riding. That’s the nice thing about sleeping at the top of a mountain pass. It’s all downhill from there! πŸ™‚

I hung out in downtown Whitefish for a bit before getting picked up to go to the Whitefish Bike Retreat.

Espresso and bikes, what more could u want? πŸ™‚ This is the Great Northern Cyclery in Whitefish. One of 3 bike shops in town.


Whitefish is a resort town, and the downtown area is pretty cute. Real touristy though. But it’s a cool town! I was super stoked to finally go to the Whitefish Bike Retreat, I kept hearing so many amazing things about this place!! When I got there, it was absolutely awesome!! Here’s the website: Whitefish Bike Retreat

This place is a must-go for cyclists in the whitefish area. They will pick you and your bike up from town or even the airport, if you don’t want to ride there! It is a 20-acre hostel-style accommodations with lodge option or camping option. I chose to camp, and it was awesome because I was the only one in the entire camping area! There is single track trails all over the property, and there was even a mini pump track right behind my campsite! All the campsites have a plug, btw:). And you can drive a car into it.


Here’s a pic of the main lodge:


And the part of the main room inside the lodge:


The kitchen is bomb-diggity!


There’s also a bike washing station:


As well as a bike repair area with stands and tools, as well as indoor secured bike storage:


My favorite thing about this place (other than the fact they serve coffee every morning), is that all the decor, and many of the fixtures around the place consist of used bike parts. What an awesome way to repurpose stuff!



I highly recommend this place for anyone in the Whitefish area. Whether you’re cycle touring or riding trails around here. It is truly awesome. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Sunday 7/20, Whitefish Bike Retreat! (30 miles)

  1. Hey I just started reading your blog today and read the whole thing in one sitting. Thank you so much for posting. Incredible photos and awesome stories! Bear mace! Wow!

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