Day 5: BEAR/Border crossing/Eureka!

My what a beautiful morning! The scenery was just absolutely incredible.


Shortly after I took this picture, I saw a black bear!! That was so cool! He wasn’t very big. An adolescent maybe? He was running down the trail away from me. Silly ‘ol bear! Lol


Oh my god today’s mountain pass damn near zapped all my energy. It was a pretty solid and steep climb (a lot of which I walked), then I got to this one 1/4 mile section that started near vertical. Seriously. For those of you on Oahu, if you’ve ever been to the ice ponds in Kalihi Valley, you know the trail that leads down to the actual pool, off the main paved trail? Yeah, it was like that. Holy crap-ola. It wasn’t even a push up. More like lifting and shoving a 50lb brick (that rolls backwards if you’re not careful) up a near vertical hill that was also muddy in some parts. Yeah, I had to get really creative on that particular section. Lol!

But that wasn’t all, there was still a bunch of steep uphill miles after that (also, much of which I walked), before I actually got to the pass. Then I had 20 miles to go before arriving in Eureka. This morning I had ambitious plans on making a pit stop in Eureka, then pedaling on as far as I could until I stopped for the night. The push/shove/lift activity of getting over Galton pass put an end to that real quick! Lol!

The wonderful thing though, is after I got to the top, I had many miles of screaming downhill. 😀 The not so wonderful part is, it was quite steep, and very gravel-y. I rode the brakes all the way down because I didn’t want to lose control. I had to stop a couple times because my hands and fingers got so numb and tingly I was losing feeling. Lol! Happy fun times.

When I popped out of the mountains, I came to the main highway, which consisted of ranch/farmland in the valley. It was like night and day. One moment I was in forest, and the next moment I was in a valley and it was about 10 degrees hotter. Yowza!


The border crossing at Roosville, MT was quick and easy. They let me back in! 😀

A hui hou Canada! You are so wonderful and I love you so much, and I will most definitely be back very soon! 🙂

It was all downhill to Eureka. Thank goodness because I don’t know how much more climbing I can handle today. Lol! Anyhow, in Eureka I found a bunch more divide riders! Cool! :). It’s awesome because we can camp in the city park for free. It has picnic tables, a bathroom, trash cans, soft grass, water, AND it’s flat! Freakin LUXURY!! 😀



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