Day 4: Thurs 7/17 Elkford->Wigwam Rd, 61 miles

I absolutely love the smell of the trees. And flowers. Wow. So frickin awesome. πŸ™‚

OH!! Speaking of awesome, I saw a bald eagle yesterday!!! It was on a branch on a tree just off to the side of where I was riding, and as I rode close it took of and banked a turn into the forest. It was HUGE!! Holy crap I’ve never seen one up close before. So awesome. I’ve also been seeing another large bird, from the underside it is light brown with some white on the bottom, I’m not sure what species it is but I think it’s an osprey. It likes to ride the air currents like the Iwa birds in Hawaii. I love watching birds in flight.

As far as wildlife, I’ve been seeing tons of deer and elk. Lots of momma/baby pairs too. ‘Tis the season! Also, tons and tons of various rodents.

I am so glad I camped out where I did, because the very next section involved a lot of riding/wading in water, and if I had to do that late and in the cold I would have been so pissed! Lol. It started out very nice and pleasant.



Then I came to this. WTF?! Where did the road go? The map did warn of the washout areas, so I wasn’t completely surprised. But still, that’s never a fun thing to approach.


So I walked my bike through the gnarlier stuff, and rode through the mellowed stuff. Sometimes the road and stream became one.


And then there were a couple more washout sections, and then it was smooth sailing after that. Whew! I am so glad I’m wearing the Keen sandals. They are the Keen commuter model, so they’re the keen sandals with cleats on the bottom. Perfect for river crossings, and not having to wear socks πŸ™‚



I went up and over 2 passes today! Whoop whoop! One of the best things about going over a mountain pass (other than the downhill portion) is the view looking back.


There were some amazing views coming off the first pass (Flathead Pass).


The 2nd pass was Cabin Pass and the climb up wasn’t too bad at all. So, super random: I’m pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, and as I’m riding, a truck comes down the road toward me. What the hell?! Lol! Who the heck is out here?! Anyhow, here’s what a lot of the later half of the day looked like:


I started today riding past a coal mine, and spent the latter half of the day riding by active logging areas. Oh Canada. Lol.

The section after going over the 2nd pass today was amazing. 12 miles of downhill. Whoop whoop! I decided to shoot for a campsite at the bottom of the downhill portion, because I felt like it’d be a fantastic way to end my day. I roll in, and I find a huge tent with coolers and a crapload of beer cans. Wtf?! Who the heck is out here?! Haha. I set up my tent and partway through, that truck rolls in! The same one that I saw earlier! It was two guys and they were out here fly fishing. They were super cool.

After I got my tent up, I hear the jingle jingle of a bear bell and thought, whoa! Is that another cyclist?! Sure enough, another Divide rider rolls in. Haha, it’s like a spontaneous party in the middle of nowhere! Turns out the cyclist guy grew up in Nelson, BC which is also where the fisherman guys are from, and at various points they all worked for Freeride, and have mutual friends. Lol. Oh Canada…

So yeah. Cyclist guy also rode his bike from the lowest point in the USA (Badwater in Death Valley, CA, which I’ve been to, it’s cool; I think it’s 200′ below sea level or something like that), to the highest point in the US (Mt.Whitney, CA, which I’ve also been to; it’s cool, literally), with a snowboard strapped to his bike, went up to the summit of Mt Whitney via Whitney portal, and snowboarded all the way down. And here he is now, after hammering 85 miles today. Camped next to me in the middle of nowhere Canada. With two random dudes who grew up where he did. Lol!


Oh the random people I spontaneously meet! And to think, I almost camped at another spot, because I wanted to avoid people… Lol! πŸ™‚


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