Hiking Lake Louise, and last minute prep

We woke up early this morning (which for me is 6am), to go on an awesome hike around Lake Louise. I was told this was the 2nd most visited place in Canada (after Niagra Falls). I can see why 🙂


We hiked from the parking lot to Little Beehive, to Big Beehive, to the very back of the lake (where I saw a glacier drop!!), and back. The views were stunning.





There was a tea house at the top of little beehive and big beehive. That was so cool! You could hike up and have tea and snacks. The staff live in a cabin up there and they stay there 3-4 days a week and come down for a couple days.



It was really cool to see Lake Louise all the way from the back of the valley.



We were pretty close to the glacier. It was while we were eating lunch that I heard the glacier rumble and then a huge chunk of it fell. It looked like a waterfall made of ice and snow.


We got back to town at around 2:30 and went to Banff Brewery, just in time to see Germany score the winning goal. DOH! It’s ok Argentina I still love you. So awesome to have made it to the finals <3. There must have been a lot of Germans at the pub because the entire place just erupted when Germany scored. Keith commented on how empty Banff looked on a Sunday afternoon, everyone must have been watching the game. Sure enough, the streets became busier after the game was over.

I spent the evening packing my bike and just mentally settling back into what I was about to do. Yikes!! I didn't get much sleep this night. Lol.


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