Day 2: Tuesday 7/16, 64.3 miles

It’s chilly in the morning. Which makes it quite tough to get out of my sleeping bag until the sun hits me. Haha! I still got going around 9am. Yeah, I know it’s late, but oh well. That’s just how I roll ๐Ÿ™‚

I saw some other Tour Divide riders. They were all going the other way. I talked to one guy for a bit, this was his 3rd bikepacking trip. First time he rode from the arctic circle to Montana (and did the Canadian section of this route), 2nd time he rode just the US portion of this route, and this time he rode the whole thing from New Mexico to Banff. He told me, regarding when he first started, “if only I knew then what I know now.” Lol!

It’s so pretty. I wish I could take more photos, but when I stop is when the bugs get me. So I don’t take pics until I get to a more exposed area which usually means slightly less Mosquitos. It’s not bad enough that I want to douse myself in bug poison just yet.




By the way, what the heck is with these afternoon thunderstorms?!? Holy crap, I experienced one the first time and t was pretty damn unnerving. Lol! I’m jus riding along and I hear stuff ranging from low rumbling to loud claps of thunder. Lucky for me I missed the rain. For today’s ride, I was pretty much behind the raincloud all day, following it down the valley. When I got into Elkford around 7pm, I was told I just missed torrential rains and a hailstorm. Wow. O.o

I rode over 60 miles today, largely because it was predominately downhill. Yay! That is awesome. Too bad the rest of the ride can’t be like this. Lol! It was cool to see the scenery change as I go down. Instead of towering glaciers on either side of me, I was in more wooded areas. Lots of remains of logging activity too.


Passed by a group of horses huddled under a grove of trees. Smart horses. It’s pretty toasty in the middle of the day.


Now I know why people are always saying, you gotta get into town (particularly the smaller ones) before 6pm or everything is closed. Sure enough, I roll into town at 7 and it’s totally dead. Damn, I need fuel for my stove. Poop. Guess I’ll have to wait til morning.

There’s a large group of Adventure Cycling Association riders in the camp I’m at. About 14 people. They’re riding Banff–>Whitefish, MO. Wow. Props for mobilizing that many people in something like this. I work in the tourist industry, and I see often families of 5 that can’t even get their shit together. Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Tuesday 7/16, 64.3 miles

  1. I feel like i’m riding with you K. Love your commentary and pics. i’m envious. it’s got to be mind blowing. spectacular and challenging. aloha..

  2. Are the horses on someone’s ranch land? Or are there wild mustangs in that part of the country? Do you see farms and ranches along the route or on,y the wilderness we see I your pictures. I’m so envious. Longest ride I’ve ever done was 700 miles over 2 weeks and I loved it. Now I’ve too many aches and pains. May thine always be at your back.
    Mary S

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