Day 1: Monday 7/14

Aaaaand I’m off! Thanks to Keith and Leslie I had the absolute most amazing time in Banff. Thank you!!!

I’m pretty stoked, I think I did a sufficient job balancing my gear on my bike because it all feels pretty good. Yay!




Keith and Leslie live very close to the trailhead so I just rode to the trailhead and kept riding.



All day I was on gravel roads, dirt roads, and small dirt paths. The views of the Canadian Rockies are absolutely stunning. Oh my gosh it is so beautiful out here.



In total I rode about 44.7 miles today. I could have rode more since there was more daylight left (it doesn’t get dark til after 10:30pm), but decided to stop because 1)I was really tired, and 2)I didn’t want to kill myself the first day out.

I had to hang my food for the first time ever. That was quite comical. I’m horrible when it comes to throwing anything so it took me a few tries to get the weighted rope over a branch. The trees in this area aren’t very conducive to hanging food; the branches don’t stick out far enough, but at least I got it up pretty high. Ah well, I did hang it on the other side of the creek from where I was sleeping. Hopefully it is enough of a deterrent.

Damn. I’m tired. Lol! It’s zzz time!


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