More frame bags, and the Morning News!

I made more frame bags for my bike, yay! In total I have one triangle bag, 2 panniers, 2 top tube bags, and one handlebar bag. Triangle bag is double ply, everything else is single, the bottom of the 2 panniers are double.



I was also on the morning news! Mahalo to Hawaii News now for having me! Ugh I hope I didn’t sound stupid, I absolutely hate public speaking. I feel so awkward! Lol! I wish I could have just done an interpretive dance, that would have been way more up my alley. Ultimately I did it to promote IMBA. I generally don’t like to publicize what I’m doing, at that capacity. Mainly because people either think I’m batshit crazy, or they don’t believe me. Lol.





4 thoughts on “More frame bags, and the Morning News!

  1. So excited the time has finally come. Will you have to be your own mechanic? Will you be starting with a group? Any idea on daily mileage you plan to pound out?

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